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Scott Brown

Replacing the 'Liberal Lion'

Race to fill the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts

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  1. Sen. Brown's Sex Abuse Revelation, Part 1

    Massachusetts senator opens up in new memoir

  2. Tax Fears Repressing Hiring?

    Many industries stay frozen, anticipating tax hikes by Obama administration

  3. Ronald Reagan's Political Legacy

    The 40th president is still guiding lawmakers on both sides of the aisle today

  4. Sen. Olympia Snowe

    Washington state senator goes 'On the Record' on the struggle to achieve health care reform

  5. Problems Worsening at Arlington National Cemetery

    Investigation reveals 6,600 graves either unmarked or mislabeled

  6. Harvard University Under Fire

    Schools bans ROTC but welcomes illegals

  7. Missouri Rejects Key Obama Health Care Mandate: What It Means

    Could voters' rejection of key provision spell doom for Democrats in November and Obama in 2012?

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  9. Impact of Scott Brown's Early Arrival

    Senator-elect to be sworn in ahead of crucial votes

  10. Pres. Obama Related to Scott Brown ?

    Genealogist says they are 10th cousins

  11. Scott Brown Sworn in as Senator

    Brown takes Senate seat

  12. President Obama's Family Ties

    Genealogist traces president to Sen .-elect Scott Brown

  1. Sen . Scott Brown Overcomes Child Abuse

    GOP senator opens up in new memoir

  2. Sen . Scott Brown on Looming Budget Battle

    Massachusetts lawmaker weighs in on Senate showdown

  3. Uncut: Sen . Scott Brown 'On the Record'

    Mass. senator discusses public perception versus reality, family life, new book and more

  4. Scott Brown Action Figure

    Company creates doll modeled after Brown

  5. Sen. Brown's Sex Abuse Revelation, Part 2

    Massachusetts senator opens up in new memoir

  6. Backlash Over Racy Photo Scandal

    Congressional candidate calls flap sexist

  7. Fox Flash: Benefiting Combat Troops


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