Tucker Carlson: Not all 2020 Dems are lunatics. But the sane ones are getting crushed

We've told you in the past that Democratic primary voters don't seem to have much of a choice this year. There are an awful lot of candidates in the race, but all of them seem to have identical far-left positions on the issues that matter: on immigration, climate change, gun control, the economy -- you name it.

That was our view, and then we watched Tuesday night's Democratic debate. And now, we're going to have to revise that assessment. It turns out that not everyone in the field is a lunatic. We stand corrected on that. In fact, there are a couple of sane ones.

Unfortunately, they're getting crushed. Watch, for example, what happened when Congressman Tim Ryan tried to remind his fellow Democrats that most Americans don't actually support open borders, much less giving free taxpayer-funded health care to foreign nationals who break our laws. Ryan suddenly became the most unpopular kid at the party.


Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, 2020 presidential candidate: Now, in this discussion already tonight, we've talked about taking private health insurance away from union members in the industrial Midwest. We've talked about decriminalizing the border. And we've talked about giving free health care to undocumented workers when so many Americans are struggling to pay for their healthcare. 

I quite frankly, don't think that that is an agenda that we can move forward on and win. We've got to talk about the working class issues, the people that take the shower after work, who haven't had a raise in 30 years. If we focus on them, we'll win the election. 

Not a lot of applause. In fact, dead silence. It turns out the Democrats in the room didn't want to talk about working-class issues or people, as Ryan put it, who take a shower after work.


Progressives wrote those voters off as disgusting a long time ago. They're poor. They're uneducated and yet, at the same time, they are deeply privileged. It goes without saying that they must be racist. Every single one of them.

Ryan is probably racist for thinking about them. The modern Democratic Party has zero use for these kinds of people. They've been excluded from the emerging Al Sharpton private equity coalition that defines the Democratic Party.


So, apparently, is anyone who cares about what voters think. Several times Tuesday night, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders personally attacked any candidate who dared point out there might be a limit to how many unpopular ideas you can impose on a nation that is supposed to be a democracy.

The very idea that you'd have to win popular support for your policies seem to enrage them -- Warren, especially. At one point, they all but accused that the CNN anchor of being a secret Republican plant -- probably the first time that's ever happened.

Jake Tapper, CNN anchor: You do not support Medicare-for-All, is Senator Warren correct? You just not lack the will to fight for it? 

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, 2020 presidential candidate: Jake, your question is a Republican talking point. They will be advertising tonight with that talking point. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., 2020 presidential candidate: What you want to do instead is find the Republican talking point of a made up piece of some other part and say, "Oh, we don't really have to do anything." We should stop using Republican talking points in order to talk with each other about how to best provide health care. 

So, what you just saw -- that last clip -- that really was the story of the whole night. Warren jumping up and down and barking at anyone who asked too many questions, or seemed insufficiently left-wing.

But not everything Warren says is wrong. We actually like her views on manufacturing and trade, for example -- they're smart. And we've said so repeatedly on "Tucker Carlson Tonight." We're not partisan, actually.

But holy smokes is Warren unbearable in a lot of ways. Pedantic, dishonest, nasty as hell.

Watch how she treated former Maryland congressman John Delaney -- who is, by the way, one of the nicest men in politics -- when he encouraged his fellow Democrats to make promises they can actually keep.


John Delaney, 2020 presidential candidate: So, I think Democrats win when we run on real solutions, not impossible promises. When we run on things that are workable, not fairytale economics. 

Warren: You know, I don't understand why anybody goes through all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for. I don't get it. 

So, if you're not a red in the face, dishonest demagogue, Warren thinks you're a wuss.

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When Montana Governor Steve Bullock questioned the wisdom of open borders with free health care for everyone, Warren twisted his point into something completely unrecognizable. See if you can follow this:

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, 2020 presidential candidate: You are playing into Donald Trump's hands. A sane immigration system beats a sane leader, and we can do that without decriminalizing and providing health care for everyone. 

Warren: What you're saying is ignore the law. Laws matter. And it matters if we say our law is that we will lock people up who come here seeking refuge, who come here seeking asylum. That is not a crime. 

Laws matter? Warren, yes, of all people, just said that. And amazingly nobody in the room dared pushback against her saying that. There are a lot of weak men in the Democratic Party, not just on Tuesday night's debate stage. It's one of the party's biggest problems actually.

A normal candidate would have roasted her.

Laws matter? Please. Warren's entire immigration position is built on the premise that laws don't matter at all. That's the whole point of it.

If laws mattered, we wouldn't have 22 million illegal aliens living inside our borders. Democrats wouldn't be working really 24/7 to give amnesty to every single one of them, which they are.

If laws mattered, we wouldn't have sanctuary cities. If laws mattered, Democrats wouldn't be sharing Spanish language guides, telling the illegals how to evade immigration enforcement. If laws mattered, Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbetts would still be alive.

In a night of absurd declarations, Warren claiming the mantle of the law was the most incredible. But there was nobody there to call her on it. The moderates had all been gilded and silenced.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson's monologue on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on July 31, 2019.