San Francisco. Los Angeles. New York City. These are all places in America where the disparity between rich and poor could not be more visible or painful. All places that once personified the American dream, but places now desperately searching for solutions as many communities governed by the left are now in deep crisis. All are now buckling under the weight of deadly drug and health epidemics, rampant homelessness, illegal immigration, soaring crime rates and the needless loss of life of far too many of our fellow citizens.

Liberal Democrats – such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff, both of California, and Reps. Jerry Nadler, Eliot Engel and Carolyn Maloney of New York – were elected to represent and serve the people of these communities, but it’s increasingly clear that Pelosi and her lieutenants have failed. They’ve effectively abandoned their responsibilities as representatives of their districts to instead advance the supercharged political goals of the increasingly-socialist national Democratic Party.

These leaders and committee chairs, now joined by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., all hold extraordinary power, but they’ve all become so blinded by Washington politics and their hatred of Trump that they’ve ignored the raging problems in their own backyards, on our borders and throughout the world.


Instead, they’ve chosen to focus on an irresponsible and unending political pursuit – attempting to remove a duly elected president of the United States by any means possible – as the impeachment ringleaders overseeing the sham impeachment proceedings in the House. Even though the problems plaguing their own cities and states are visible to all who live and work in them, these members have chosen to retreat to secret basements in the U.S. Capitol, stage pre-ordained Stalinist-style hearings and release cherry-picked information to an abetting liberal media to try to impeach President Trump without due process, fairness, facts or precedent.


Why? Because they know full well that American families, workers and retirees across country have benefited from Trump’s policies. And compared to the unprecedented new jobs created across all demographics, higher wages and rising household incomes – along with American Main Street small businesses that are thriving, American manufacturers that are hiring, and a stock market delivering ever higher gains for American seniors’ retirement plans – today’s Democratic leaders in Congress simply have no solutions to the problems adversely impacting their own communities, let alone an agenda to improve the lives of Americans outside of them.

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Some Americans might not like Trump personally. However, most fair-minded Americans can have policy disagreements about a wide-range of issues. When they look at where they are today from an economic standpoint, odds are that they are going to vote with their wallets. This is especially true when they see endless trillion-infinity dollar and outright silly taxpayer-funded socialist proposals, such as the Green New Deal and "Medicare-for-all," coming out of the clown car that is the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate pool.

Furthermore, big city liberals, like much of the Democratic leadership and these committee chairs, cannot escape from the fact that the problems hurting their own constituents back home are largely the result of the failed liberal policies put in place at local and state levels by progressives not unlike like themselves. And these policies are not dissimilar from what Pelosi, Schumer and company now want to impose on all Americans at the federal level.

If social workers were tasked with deciding whether these members of Congress have done an effective job in representing their states and districts, all five of these impeachment ringleaders would surely fail their home visits. At the same time, all of them are ironically provided political safe harbor in liberal coastal outposts and will undoubtedly win reelection outside of primary challenges from other Democrats proving themselves to be even more militant socialists.

So instead of looking to put out the raging fires back home (literally in the case of California), or advancing an agenda that most Americans would embrace, they have chosen instead to try to deflect attention by setting matches to Trump’s White House solely because he currently occupies it.

Doing so intentionally is a form of political arson, but with an abetting media sweeping their unaccountable, unfair and abusive tactics under the rug, they honestly feel confident that they’ll get away with it. They’ll avoid going home or meeting in public with constituents in their respective communities, choosing instead to conspire below the surface of Washington's swamp to undo the election of a president that has exposed them for being devoid of any effective solutions.


Fortunately, other Democrats who have given Pelosi, Schumer and the socialist wing of their party their proxies on impeachment, the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all and other fantasies rather than fighting to help actual problems in their own districts will not be spared by voters. By defaulting to Democratic impeachment ringleaders, many of them will not be returning to Congress following the next election.

San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and all of America deserve better than what today’s Democratic Party has to offer. Walking away from them and their failed policies has never been easier or more justified.