Todd Starnes: Crass beat class, but nation can survive Trump presidency

Voters have chosen one of Hillary Clinton's beloved donors as the standard bearer of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee of the Grand Old Party – crushing Sen. Ted Cruz, the principled conservative.

Crass beat class.

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Pro-lifers chose a man who praised Planned Parenthood and wants to rewrite the Republican Party’s pro-life platform.

Talk radio hosts and conservative pundits chose a man who wants to govern the press. They sold their soul for a standing reservation at Mar-A-Lago.

Free enterprise chose a man who wants to tell corporations how to run their business.

Evangelicals chose a man who has never asked forgiveness.

Women voted for a man with a history of objectifying and marginalizing them.

But as the campaign assured our Establishment Overlords -- we haven't seen the true Donald Trump.

They told us he was evolving -- projecting an image -- moderating.

Now back home in the South -- we use words like snookered, two-faced and phony as a three-dollar bill.

In other words he may or may not build that wall. He may or may not round up the illegals. He may or may not bring jobs back to America.

We’ve already been treated to a sneak peek of how quickly Mr. Trump can evolve and moderate.

On Tuesday morning he insinuated that the father of Ted Cruz may have been involved in the JFK assassination plot. But by nightfall, Trump was heaping praise on the senator and his family – calling him one heck of a guy.

Conservatives took a sucker punch yesterday - but let not your heart be troubled, America.

The sun still rose today. Lady Liberty’s torch still burns bright.

And if we can survive eight years of President Obama, we can certainly survive a charlatan like Donald Trump.

But I'm fairly certain we could not survive four years of Hillary Clinton.