Time for US military to leave Afghanistan and its corrupt President Karzai behind

Enough already. Americans are tired of giving assistance and spilling American blood and spending American treasure on countries that don't matter and people who don't like us.

Saving Afghanistan from the Taliban, preventing a civil war in Afghanistan, having Afghanistan as an American ally might be nice, but they are not a vital national interests of USA.  Destroying Al Qaeda in Afghanistan was, but we achieved that goal in December 2001 when remnants of Al Qaeda fled to Pakistan.

We should have left Afghanistan to the Afghans then. Instead we have spent twelve years, sacrificed  thousands of American lives, and spent hundreds of billions of dollars trying to bring Afghanistan into modern times.


We have paved  roads, built schools and created hospitals. We have built electrical generators and dug wells and taught them to grow crops.

We have helped them write a constitution and hold elections.

We have taught them to read and trained their army and police force.

We have spent money on Afghans that should have been spent on Americans. They have repaid us with corruption and insults.

It is time for America to leave the country and take every tank and airplane and helicopter with us. The Afghans can defend themselves against their enemies -- domestic and foreign.

It is time for American leaders to stop bowing to corrupt dictators and stand tall. America need not apologize to anyone. We have done more good and been more generous than any nation in the history of the world.

And I'll make you a bet -- that President Karzai and his corrupt cronies will be on the last plane out of Kabul, their bags filled with the gold they have stolen from us and their own people.