The NRA's Wayne LaPierre Rocks the House!

By Tommy De SenoAttorney/Writer

Wayne LaPierre is the CEO of the National Rifle Association. He is an absolute quote-generating machine. The crowd of conservatives he spoke to today loved every minute of it.

Wayne showed a clip of himself as he took CNN to task when he uncovered a phony news piece they ran about "assault" rifles. Watch it here. He nearly brought the house down!

He pointed out that despite attacks on the Second Amendment by the left, gun sales in America are at record levels. According to LaPierre, people prefer to protect themselves rather than waiting in their homes for the government to show up.

Following up on the security issue, he noted:

"The Second Amendment breathes life into liberty."


"The founding fathers understood that the guys with the guns make the rules."

LaPierre noted that's a controversial position in a nation of laws, but you really can't deny the truth of it when it comes to new nations -- and nations in the throws of revolution. In a continuing nation, that truth sits quietly in the background, waiting, should the time come for it to assert itself.

Making good use of video, LaPierre showed clip after clip of people in the Obama administration taking a position on taking your guns.

So according to LaPierre, so long as Obama is president, the fight is on. The crowd was clearly ready to join him.