The GOP Must Choose Michael Steele to Run the RNC

By Andrea Tantaros Republican Political Commentator/ Contributor

Next week, the Republican National Committee's 138 members have a very easy choice on their hands: pick the same, status quo snooze of a candidate for chairman or pick someone who gets it and who is cognizant of the fact that this party needs to turn the page. We need a leader who understands our many mistakes and has the courage to fix, not repeat them. Michael Steele is that guy.

He's part of what I like to call the new guard. A generation of Republicans who understand that being close-minded, pushy and mean isn't the way to our party's expansion and future victories. He's the softer side of the Republican Party. That doesn't mean he's squishy on the issues. Though he's not as conservative as I would like, Steele doesn't believe we need to crucify or ostracize those who might disagree with us from time to time on some topics, but he knows when to get tough.

The fact that he represents diversity is a huge plus. But let me clear: I'm not supporting Steele because he's a black guy who happens to be smart. I'm supporting him because he's a smart guy who just so happens to be black. I'd support Steele if he were white, Indian, Chinese, a woman (you get the drift.) I just like the guy. And you should, too.

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