Cheryl Judy is the art teacher at Sherman Junior & Senior high School in Boone County, West Virginia. She is also a self-described liberal.

The other day she committed an anti-Trump fashion faux pas in the classroom – surrounded by several students.

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Ms. Judy was photographed wearing a jacket with the words “Tuck Frump” pinned on the back — the letters comprising the f-word highlighted in white.

One of the kids in the classroom posted the photo online --and it went viral faster than an Angry Cat meme.

“Without me thinking I said, ‘Sure,’ and she didn’t post it to be mean or anything,” Ms. Judy told the Gazette Mail.

“She has apologized for it and she didn’t know that this is what would happen and she put it on Snapchat and then it just went everywhere. It exploded. It was unintentional on my part and her part.”

She told the newspaper she had modeled the jacket for several students who shared her liberal ideology.

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