Sheriff David Clarke: My message for America’s black community – It’s time to leave the Democratic Party

The Democrat National Convention seems to be mirroring for the American people exactly the kind of disarray and contempt for truth, laws, and order that progressive policies will continue wreak on the country, if given the chance to lead.

It’s difficult to imagine how this party’s Philadelphia party could get any worse, but the legacy of Wasserman Schultz will live on later this week when the relatives of those killed in police-related shootings are trotted out and put on full display for the cameras. The purpose of this show-and-tell we don’t need Wikileaks to help us see.

While the Republican National Convention focused on the role of law and order in restoring the American dream for all her people, the Democrats are continuing their fifty-year assault on the Black community, adding to it this season with the normalization of criminal behavior and demonization of law enforcement.

The Democrat Party’s embrace of chaos and criminality is the last step in breaking the backs of this community. From welfare to the Margaret Sanger eugenics of abortion to the breakdown of the family unit, the left has pursued policies that keep the Black community dependent, destitute, and demoralized – and fed them crumbs to assure their loyalty.

Point this out as a member of the black community, and you are immediately ex-communicated and shunned by the left, the guards of our community’s enslavement.

By the time this party is through ensuring each and every poor Black man and woman raises their children on the Democrat plantation of welfare, dependency, and animosity toward their neighbor, there will be many more grieving mothers and fathers.

They will be weeping for their children who brazenly threw their lives in harm’s way amid the hopelessness of a life, unmoored without the institutions and principles of family, rule of law, or “e pluribus unum” to return to them a pathway of self-improvement and hope.

They will be weeping in the realization that the party that congratulates itself for representing Black America has used them all, destroying them as they seek to grow the might and power of the government and destroy the family, the church, and the American spirit of unity. Through the marginalization of Black fathers and encouragement of destruction lifestyle choices, the progressive left has cut off one of the lifelines to raising healthy, happy, children intent on bettering themselves and their community.

As images of the grieving mothers who have given the ultimate sacrifice to the beastly progressive philosophy cross our television sets, we will be told that the Democrats are the ones who will help this community.

How? Through encouraging the disdain and hate for other communities, for the law-enforcement community? By consciously encouraging the dysfunctional underclass behavior that creates the Mike Browns of this world? Or by the latest DNC Chair Congresswoman Marcia Fudge telling the Black constituents, as she did in 2014 at the Congressional Black Caucus, to “contain your complaining?”

The men and women I work with in law enforcement deal with the consequences of the Democrats’ selfish policies to encourage reliance on government, dependency instead of independence, and victimhood instead of the promise of earning your way to financial security. By the time we interact with them, the toll of ineffective, absent parenting and the likelihood of the missing father figure, have already so negatively impacted the young men and women of these communities that the police are met with aggressive and often dangerous challenges to our attempt to keep the peace and protect the community.

Don't blame the police for having to deal aggressively due to underclass dysfunctional lifestyles brought on by failed liberal Democrat policies that keep blacks mired in a position of living life at the bottom.

The contrast between the two parties’ governing philosophies could not be clearer—and the leaders they have chosen, including the staffers exposed through the Wikileaks reveal could not provide a starker contrast for the American people.

Whereas Donald Trump has spoken about a great American future for all and the coming together as one, Hillary Clinton is looking out for number one – be it in her Clinton Foundation and other dalliances with the law or the total disavowal of her responsibilities for those under her watch at the State Department.

In his personal life Donald Trump shows that even when a family faces difficulties, the role of the father must remain strong – his children are a testament to the fact that a father who remains engaged can overcome many odds and set children on the right path.

The Democrats don’t want it to be heard that a father, nor a family, matters. For them, what matters is continuing to divide – parents from children, Black Americans from their historic connection to the GOP, Americans from one another.

In displaying the grief of families killed by police, the Democratic  Party is asking Americans to stomach one more divide: the divide from our belief, our hope, our faith that the law can be the great equalizer, protector, and symbol of self-rule. They are asking us to agree with the Democratic Party that the only element worth holding up from our Black communities is the disregard for law and order, and the grief and destruction of families that goes along with it.

It’s time for Black America to divide itself from this party we’ve been falsely connecting ourselves to for fifty years and return home to the party of Frederick Douglass, the party of emancipation, the party of equality under the law and equal opportunity for all.