Sean Hannity: Trump mounts shock and awe campaign on DC

It is only day five of the Trump administration, and the commander-in-chief is already launching a shock and awe campaign against the Washington establishment.

President Trump is not wasting any time enacting his agenda. He is following through on the pledge he made on the campaign trail and in his inaugural address: The days of all talk and no action are over. In fact, just hours after his swearing-in on Friday as the 45th president of the United States, Trump immediately took action to undo the damage left behind by President Obama.

Trump on Friday signed an executive order that could go a long way toward dismantling the disastrous health care law known as ObamaCare. On Day 2, President Trump took action to freeze all new and pending federal government regulations. On Monday, he pulled the U.S. out of the job-killing Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. And he has already spoken with the leaders of Canada and Mexico in what is likely the opening talks to begin to renegotiate the issue of NAFTA.


The administration also announced that the British Prime Minister Theresa May, will visit the White House Friday in what could be the beginning of a post-Brexit trade deal with one of our oldest and most important allies.

President Trump also visited the CIA, where he promised to unleash the capabilities of the agency to defeat “radical Islamic terrorism,” a phrase his administration is not afraid to use to describe our real enemies.

Finally, on Monday, which Trump described as his first real day in office, Trump met with business leaders and promised to drastically cut tax rates and take an axe to business regulations.

“What we're doing is we are going to be cutting taxes massively for both the middle class and for companies,” he said. “And that's massively. We're trying to get it down to anywhere from 15 to 20 percent.

“We think we can cut regulations by 75 percent -- maybe more -- but by 75 percent,” he added.

Trump didn't stop there. He also sat down with labor union leaders to focus on bringing jobs back to American soil. He also signed three executive orders, including one that begins the process of withdrawing from the TPP trade agreement, another that places a hiring freeze on all non-military federal workers, and he used his pen to ban federal funding for foreign non-government organizations that use the money to either promote or pay for abortions.

Trump finished his very busy Monday by meeting with the House Speaker Paul Ryan, where it's reported that they discussed repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

Make no mistake about it: President Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. That’s unheard of and maybe even frightening, in Washington. But outside the beltway, it is refreshing.

Adapted from Sean Hannity's opening monologue on "Hannity," Jan. 23, 2017