Republicans need to stop acting the fool

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After watching the mayhem at last week’s GOP presidential debate, I’ve decided it’s time for the Republican candidates to have a Come-to-Jesus meeting.

Guys, we get it.

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Donald, you can't take a punch. Ted, you think you're smarter than everybody else. Marco, you love to flip flop. Jeb, you're a Bush.

We get it.

So how about dropping the personal insults and start talking about the issues -- like looking out for the American working man?

Just last week two Indiana companies (Carrier Corp. and United Technologies Electronic Controls) announced they were moving their production plants to Mexico. As many as 2,100 Americans are losing their jobs.

But it's not just 2,100 jobs -- it's 2,100 families and little league coaches and church deacons. It’s 2,100 taxpayers.

A UTEC executive told the Indianapolis Star that moving their company south of the border “is the best way for us to remain competitive.”

Mexico sends us illegals and we send them American jobs.

I will give Trump credit for mentioning the Indiana job losses during the debate. But compare the amount of time the candidates spend whining about name-calling and the amount of time discussing substantive issues.

Instead of talking about the American working man -- we've got a raging debate about why Marco Rubio sweats.

It's a political version of “Mean Girls.”

So on behalf of America: You guys need to start acting more presidential and less like a bunch of has-been reality show contestants.

As they say in South Carolina: Stop acting the fool.