Rep. Mark Walker: We can still save what has been broken by big government. Here's how

“Hear us again for the first time!”  Effective Conservatism and the Republican Study Committee.

The Republican Study Committee (RSC) has been the foundation of conservative policy in Congress for more than four decades. The RSC’s dedication to enacting conservative principles in policy should be unwavering and I am honored to follow strong leaders including Vice President-elect Mike Pence, Dr. Tom Price and other previous chairmen.

There is overwhelming evidence to support a hopeful and optimistic outlook for the 115th Congress.

Through a rare opportunity enabled by unified government we can pursue impactful and effective conservative policy. Congress will repeal ObamaCare, deliver on authentic tax reform, secure our borders, and protect religious liberty. Moreover, conservatives will hold the line against proposals that expand government, limit individual freedom and threaten our national security. The stakes are high and the decisions we make, the policy we create, and the votes we take should lead to better law that positively impacts all communities.

Yet, we must also ask the question -- is knowing the right policy alone enough? I believe the day has arrived when preaching to the choir is no longer adequate -- that’s the easy road. The worn-out language and rhetoric may be attractive language to our base, but the oft-repeated talking points of individual liberty and personal prosperity falls short in reaching many of our communities. We can do better.

For too long some conservatives have stubbornly refused to modify the approach and voice in promoting and advocating a conservative message and agenda. We have invested poorly in community relationships with a blind eye to the suffering thinking that a better program or a pandering policy would be the solution, even as we know that no government program, however well intentioned, can provide for the authentic needs of our neighbors.

I am growing more convinced that policy alone is insufficient without the right approach and the right voice. The American people are demanding ”effective conservatism” and I am certain that all three – the right policy, the right approach, and the right voice can be accomplished.

“Hear us again for the first time!” Conservatives need to reintroduce our voice, vision, policies, rationale, and principles to all people and communities. Doing this does not require the Republican Party to be a Big Tent party with a purpose only to include more ideas that trample the principles and standards that conservatives adhere to, but this mission is about having an opportunity to better explain why we believe in the things we believe. Through the power of persuasion and winning the debate, conservatives will put points on the board that result in clear wins for the American People.

As RSC chairman, my hope is to lay out clear and measurable objectives with contemporary messaging that communicates our principles of opportunity, liberty, and security. I don’t assume that we’re the first to share such a vision but the American People have afforded us this momentum and we must act with urgency – not out of political gain or posturing but rather out of the belief that good policy with the right approach can change America for the better.

Why is the RSC the key to Effective Conservatism? The RSC consists of conservative members in the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives represents the People, and accountability of Representatives to the American People must be strictly enforced by voters, or the will of the people will be ignored.

I believe members of the RSC were elected to represent conservatism. Together, conservatives can make a difference and change the misguided policies and laws that have broken the family, stifled entrepreneurship, and veered away from the Constitution. Liberty. Opportunity. Security.

I understand there are huge challenges ahead. Some would question whether it is even possible to be conservative and effective in Congress. But I have confidence and faith in the Republican Study Committee and the men and women who make up the largest caucus in all of Congress.

We will work to rediscover the path to Effective Conservatism and the vision of our Founding Fathers. We will listen to the American People and implement their ideas into our solutions.

It is not too late to save what has been broken by big government.

It is not too late to reestablish a constitutionally limited government that is efficient and productive.

It is not too late to be heard again for the first time.