On This Trip, Mr. Obama, Please Don't Say 'Sorry'

By Michael GoodwinColumnist, New York Daily News/FOX News Contributor

A toothbrush, TelePrompTerand the nuclear football -- they are the essentials for a traveling president. But as Barack Obamapacks for this week's historic trip to the Mideast and Europe, there is something he definitely ought to leave at home: grating apologies for America's past.

None is needed. Genuine pride in representing America will do just fine.

Our nation has no peer in liberating people from the grip of tyranny, especially in the regions Obama will visit. That's a fact of history and the President of the United States ought to take every opportunity to say so.

He certainly could say it in Egypt, where he plans to give what he called a "message about how the United Statescan change for the better its relationship with the Muslim world."

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