Mr. Trump, here are four big things you can do to deal a real blow to the Deep State and their shenanigans

The American people are now finding out that the “Deep State” is very real. They see now that it is not an outlandish idea of conspiracy theorists, but unfortunately, exists in different segments of our Government and has been around a long time.

Interestingly though, the “Deep State” doesn’t know sovereign boundaries. Recently, I was watching the movie "Darkest Hour," the story of how Great Britain turned to Winston Churchill in its darkest hour, when all the odds were stacked against England’s very survival. 

What struck me was that from the very minute Churchill became Prime Minister he had to fight against elite forces within the media, the British Government and yes even his own party.

As Nazi fascism was on the march throughout Europe and on the United Kingdom’s doorstep, the “British Bulldog” had to fight on two fronts – against Hitler and against elite elements within his own government. Lord Halifax, a member of Churchill’s own party and a member of the war cabinet was even trying to force Churchill to cut a deal with Hitler through Mussolini.

Just who are members of the “Deep State?” Elitists and establishment types who believe they know better than the people. It is that arrogance – that their thoughts and beliefs should govern over the will of the people and duly elected officials – that makes them a real threat to democracy.

Amazingly, his fellow elites in the government supported such a move and thought Churchill to be delusional and really lacking the proper understanding and temperament to deal with such complex foreign policy matters.

Fortunately, Churchill was different than previous prime ministers.  He escaped his security detail and went on London’s underground train to talk with everyday working Brits who reinforced his instincts to never give up and fight on all fronts. Well, we all know how the story ends. 

After the movie though, I realized that Winston Churchill had a “Deep State” of his own to deal with. They were against him succeeding from the very beginning. They would do whatever it took to try and bring him down, because after all they knew better and were smarter than Churchill and the ordinary people.

But just who are members of the “Deep State?” They tend to be elitists and establishment types who believe they know better than the people.

In fact, it is that arrogance – that their thoughts and beliefs should govern over the will of the people and duly elected officials – that makes them a real threat to democracy. 

Some leak classified information and commit other crimes. And yes, some are traitors.

In fact, the first member of the “Deep State” in America was Benedict Arnold. Arnold, an arrogant elitist, knew better than General George Washington and the American people, and in the end sold his country out.

President Trump has now found out that the “Deep State” is very real. Fusion GPS, massive leaks, fake dossiers and rogue FBI counter-intelligence agents have shown us all that the “Deep State” is real in its attempt to circumvent the will of the people.

Fortunately, President Trump has a number of unused tools to fight back effectively against the “Deep State.” There are media reports that he is close to exercising one of these and that’s good news.  He should do so quickly and implement the others as soon as possible.

Here’s what President Trump can do now to fight back against the “Deep State,” defeat it and get on with implementing his agenda that he was elected to do:

1. Appoint the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board 

Started by President Eisenhower, the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board is another tool at President Trump’s disposal that he hasn’t used. Speculation is that he is getting close to naming a chairman.  It could help big time in reducing leaks in the government.  It’s important to have a strong chairman and other members who understand intelligence, can’t be co-opted by federal bureaucrats and who are outside the box thinkers and can come up with real needed reforms in the intelligence community.

2. Offer Cash Rewards to Apprehend Members of the “Deep State” Involved in Criminal Activity 

The Trump administration should consider offering substantial cash rewards to loyal Government employees with information leading to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of “Deep State” employees who violate the espionage laws of the United States by leaking sensitive classified information and committing other crimes. This would yield immediate investigatory results and more importantly would have a chilling impact on members of the “Deep State” inclined to participate in criminal behavior.

3. Appoint Inspectors General at the Departments of Defense, State and Homeland Security Now 

Presently, there have been no nominees from President Trump for the Inspectors General positions at the Departments of Defense, State and Homeland Security.  One in fact is an Obama appointee holdover.  Good IG’s in each of these Departments can help ensure they function appropriately, carry out the will of the people and limit mischief.

4. Appoint Trump Loyalists Throughout the Government ASAP 

President Reagan said it best, “personnel is policy.”  President Trump still doesn’t have all of his team in place in key government departments and agencies. There are still too many Obama holdovers in the government and we wonder where the leaks are coming from. There are many good, qualified competent people out there who were early Trump supporters. Get them into the government fast and they’ll have President Trump’s back.

Bottom line: The “Deep State” is real. Its members do significant harm to the will of the American people and the institutions which constitute the very fabric of our democracy.

The president has significant tools at his disposal to fight back right now and deal a real blow to the “Deep State” and their shenanigans.

The victors will be the American people who will then have a president who can get on with the business they elected him to do.