Military saved democracy in Egypt, not destroyed it

Maybe it was the odd coincidence of the Egyptian military coup coming as Americans celebrated our glorious Independence Day. Or maybe it was a gut reaction to the sainted word “democracy” being violated.

Whatever the cause, many Americans were not happy about events in Egypt. Some journalists predictably launched into full “gotcha” mode, accusing the United States of hypocrisy for not immediately denouncing the coup.

There was even a smattering of sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood. Bloomberg News described its radicalization as a result of years of oppression, and the BBC did a sob story on how “deeply religious” many of its members are.

Oh, grow up.

Not all coups are equal, not all democracies are democratic. And “deeply religious” is not a virtue when secularists and other religions are fair game, as they were in Egypt for the last year.

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