Michael Goodwin: Trump needs to do THIS if he wants to be re-elected

Back when Ed Koch was riding roughshod over New York politics, writer Jack Newfield mused that there were 10,000 people waiting to be the second person to punch Koch in the nose. Sure enough, when the mayor faltered, his opponents gleefully piled on.

Donald Trump, a brash developer in those days, now finds himself in a situation similar to Koch’s. He’s been punched hard by voters, and his enemies are lining up to take their shot.

Following the midterm rebuke, the rude scoldings in Europe and the mob mentality of congressional pipsqueaks reflect a new bravado among his tormentors.

This is not to suggest that the first two years of Trump’s presidency were a walk in the park. Far from it, as no man who sat in the Oval Office ever faced such a ruthless onslaught from the opposition party and its media handmaidens.

But if the fever of recent days is any indication, the past will prove to be mere prologue for the coming storm. My guess is that the president realizes the magnitude of the shift against him, which explains the Trump funk.

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