MICHAEL GOODWIN: The White House Won't Say It But What Happened at Ft. Hood Was a Terrorist Act

Tell the truth. When you first heard of the Fort Hood massacre, did you suspect a Muslim? I did, and I take no comfort in being right.

It is gratifying that CAIR, a leading Muslim advocacy group, condemned the attack and said, "No religious or political ideology could ever justify" such violence. The suspect's cousin, of Jordanian descent, issued a heartfelt apology and insisted, "Our family loves America."

But those welcome actions serve to highlight the overarching facts. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, born in America, was a religious Muslim who shouted, "Allahu akbar" (God is great), as he opened fire on defenseless comrades.

The White House won't say it, but this is a terrorist act. It is further proof that radical Islam is making inroads into the best of families, including some in America's military. It's a problem we can't solve until we face it.

Michael Goodwin is a New York Post columnist and Fox News contributor. To continue reading his complete column, click here.