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Beck: Words Matter

What's the difference between 'investing' in America and more government spending?

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  1. NYC Imam on Ground Zero Mosque

    Assafa Islamic Center's Imam Hafiz Rahman discusses the plan to build a mosque and cultural center near 9/11 site

  2. Obama: 'We Are Not at War Against Islam'

    President defends right to build mosque near Ground Zero

  3. Sharia Law Upheld in the U.S.?

    Florida judge defends decision to apply Islamic law in Florida

  4. Is Outrage Justified On Radical Islam Probe?

    Former New York City mayor responds to critics of radicalization hearings

  5. Anger on Ninth Anniversary of 9/11

    Mosque battle and Koran burning controversy fueling outrage

  6. CAIR Fights Back

    CAIR Oklahoma Executive Director Muneer Awad tells Alan why he’s suing to block a new measure banning Shariah law

  7. Misguided Imams Conditioning Muslims to Distrust America?

    Eye on extremism: Lawmakers begin hearings

  8. Churches Open Doors to Muslims

    Muslim worshippers given temporary spaces for prayers

  9. Bloomberg Questions Motives of Mosque Opponents

    New York City mayor claims uproar is due to election season

  10. Who Is New York Mosque Imam?

    Closer look at controversial positions and rhetoric of man behind project

  11. Congress Readies for Hearings on Radical Islam

    Congress Readies for Hearings on Radical Islam

  12. Beck: American Taxpayers Funding Terror?

    Financial jihad being waged against America?

  1. Islamic Law Banned From Courtroom

    Council on American- Islamic Relations takes Oklahoma to court

  2. Florida Judge Orders Use of Islamic Law

    Peter Johnson Jr. weighs in

  3. Allah Aboard

    Imam accused of terror ties defends subway ad blitz explaining 'true nature of Islam'

  4. Responding to the Outrage

    Ahmed Rehab, CAIR's National Strategic Communications Director, joins Alan to respond to the outrage at the planned Islamic community center near Ground Zero

  5. Christians Defending Muslims

    The Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon of the National Council of Churches tells Alan why his organization denounces opposition to the mosque near Ground Zero.

  6. New Cry for Change in Yemen

    Thousands pack streets in protest of president

  7. 'Why We Left Islam'

    New book provides testimonies of men and women who renounced their faith

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