Michael Goodwin: Our media abandoned standards in 2016 to engage in partisan warfare. It's not over

With his Thursday journey to Indianapolis, Donald Trump made history as a president-elect by forging a deal to save over 1,000 jobs headed to Mexico. And he was just getting started.

That night in Cincinnati, Trump began a “thank you” tour in front of a jubilant crowd of 15,000 people. Imagine that — any politician, let alone a president-elect, using his first appearance to thank voters instead of privately thanking donors. That’s populism for you.

Surprises are routine with Trump, and his speech didn’t disappoint. For nearly 50 manic minutes, he was at turns joyous, boastful and policy specific in a performance that reminded once again that no apple cart will go unturned.

If you didn’t see the Cincinnati speech, watch it online and read the transcript. I find two main takeaways.

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