Love is... Your thoughts on Valentine's Day

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Love is… something different for each one of us.

This Valentine's Day we wanted to know what "love is" to you, our audience.

Your responses touch the heart, and we'd like to share some of them.

From Bridget:
Love is unconditional, pure and full of extreme joy! Me with my four children on Mother's Day.

From Adam:
Every day is Valentine's Day --  always do something for her for it is greater to give than to receive.

From Slr:

Love is patience, perseverance, faith, and HOPE (Madeline). It's resilience in the face of 3 open heart surgeries, 6 catheterizations, 1 ECMO. It's the Lord's love of giving a child life.

From Blair:
Love is giving your son to die for the sins of the world!

From Jessie and Bobbie:
Love is, in one word, selflessness.  Even after almost 14 years of marriage that is what my husband shows me every day.  We strive to put each other ahead of ourselves. So many people have asked us what our secret is to a happy marriage.  We always say the same thing, selflessness.

From Danielle:
Realizing that everything you've done in life has brought you to this moment.

From David:
Love is a mother's touch and care  but sadly that's not true for everyone. Love is policemen protecting us with their lives but sadly that's not true of everyone. Love is military personnel protecting our lives and freedoms but sadly that's not true of everyone. Love is a husband providing and caring for his wife but sadly that's not true of everyone. Love is God sending His Son to pay the penalty for our sin gladly that IS TRUE FOR EVERYONE!

From Bill:
Love is still having Mom at age 94 and helping her take her first selfie right after coming out of breast cancer surgery. It's the blessing of being raised by a mother who, as a young woman, had World War II going on in her back yard, and left all she knew and loved.

From Sam:
Love is an itch in your heart you can't scratch.

From Billy:
Something sent from heaven to worry the hell out of you.

From Kristy:
Love is having your soldier home every day and not just in your dreams.

From George:
Love is an unflinching, unwavering commitment to the welfare of someone else, even at your expense.

From Jeanne:
Love is finding your soul mate at the young age of 64

Love is that tingling feeling all over your body when he looks at your or the slight of his touch

Love is always being completely honest even if it hurts!

Love is getting excited every night to see each other after a long day at work!

Love is being able to look at each other and know what your very special man is thinking without saying a word

Love is being there through the good times and the bad; for richer or poorer,

Love is awesome, fantastic and so many words that don’t even begin to describe this feeling

From JoAnn:
Love is forgiveness when we don't deserve it. Love bears all things firmly, honestly and forever.
Love is the truth even when it hurts. Never cheats. Or speaks falsely to harm someone.
Love is trying to get it right and admitting when you've blown it.
Love is leading by example. Small eyes are watching how we treat each other on all days.
And how we treat our spouses on such a beautiful day like Valentine’s Day.

From Woody:
LOVE IS sitting in ER for hours with my hubby and his first kidney expected some day soon..

From Chris:
Love is being married to the woman that saved your life on the day you had a stroke! Even though I am retired US Navy and disabled. My wife is a true Hero, I love you Bing.