Liz Peek: Trump's success has Democrats freaking out – But that's still no excuse for bad behavior

President Trump is driving liberals crazy. Is it any wonder? No matter what the compliant media throws at the president, no matter how harsh the condemnations from his opponents, his standing in the polls doesn’t budge.

Last week, as the entire country voiced outrage over the separation of children from families taking place at our nation’s southern border, a CNBC survey showed President Trump winning his highest approval ratings ever. Ever!

No wonder Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., is acting like a loon, exhorting her followers to harass Trump Cabinet members and other administration officials.

“Create a crowd … and push back on them,” Waters urged a gathering last week. “And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” This from a member of Congress and the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee.

Liberals are acting out like spoiled brats. It’s understandable, but not acceptable. The best way to teach them a lesson is to vote in November

Of course, this is not Waters’ first walk on the wild side. Last fall at a dinner she was moved to say, “with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take out Trump tonight." Her comment was interpreted by some as a threat against the president, which she later denied.

“Auntie Maxine,” as she is known to her Resistance fans, has led the charge to impeach the president, starting almost immediately after the election. She has frequently and loudly insisted on his removal from office – based on what, it is not clear.

As one of Waters’ cooler-headed colleagues, Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn. said in response: "I'm very much of the view that until there is a clear crime, we better be pretty quiet about impeachment." You would think.

The latest outburst from the often-intemperate Waters drew mild condemnation from Democratic Party congressional leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York and Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California – but probably not because they sincerely disapprove of Waters’ incivility. No, they most likely mildly chastised their comrade in arms because they know that such outbursts are only helping President Trump.

When the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia refuses service to Sarah Sanders, a woman widely credited with professionally handling a very tough job, or when unruly crowds harass Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, it doesn’t make Americans think less of those women. It makes Americans think less of their critics.

The New York Times published a piece to that effect just recently, perhaps to warn the likeminded to back off. The newspaper noted that President Trump’s approval among Republicans stands at a lofty 90 percent.

As the Times reported, “the only modern Republican president more popular with his party than Mr. Trump at this point in his first term, according to Gallup, was George W. Bush after the country united in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.”

Needless to say, the Times is baffled by President Trump’s standing, given that he has repeatedly stepped on his own successes, pursued unappetizing confrontations, engaged in hyperbole, lacked bona fide conservative or political credentials and, to the Times, must appear with every step to be heading in the wrong direction. The newspaper set out to try to understand the appeal, interviewing scores of Trump supporters.

The Times discovered that the incessant attacks on the president drew people to his side, “galvanizing” them further. More worrisome for his opponents, some backers said their lives were improving under President Trump.

Other supporters said they were fed up with the endless criticism from Never-Trumpers on the left and right, and were tuning it out. And, they said they may not believe everything the president says, but they no longer believe the media either.

No wonder Democrats are going nuts. They spent eight years convinced that the country agreed with their policies, in part because Republicans were fearful of aggressively criticizing President Obama. To do so risked being called a racist and being pilloried by the stewards of political correctness.

As a result, Democrats were shocked – shocked – when Hillary Clinton, promising four more years of Obama, lost. They couldn’t believe it, and in the aftermath, they couldn’t accept it.

Now they confront the very real possibility that President Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

Worse, Democrats find that their resistance may not guarantee a blue wave this fall to hamper the Trump agenda. It’s early yet, so the tide may yet turn in their favor, but at the moment most analysts say the House is up for grabs.

There is a simple explanation for the increasing popularity of the president: the booming economy. That same CNBC survey showed that for the first time a majority of the country approves of President Trump’s handling of the economy; moreover, 54 percent of the country says the economy is good or excellent – a record in the 10-year life of this particular poll.

Gallup reports that 38 percent of Americans are “satisfied” with the direction of the country, the highest since 2005. Higher, in other words, that at any time during Barack Obama’s presidency. Consumers and business managers are optimistic about the future, and they are spending and investing as a result.

All this could change, especially if the president’s aggressive trade measures begin to create uncertainty. But at the moment, jobs are plentiful and people are upbeat. Democrats have no answer for it, and don’t know what to do.

Nancy Pelosi tried to belittle the tax cuts passed by the Republican Congress and signed into law by President Trump – along with the resulting bonuses handed out by businesses to their employees – and ended up looking foolish.

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders’ pitch on income inequality doesn’t have much punch when people at the bottom of the income spectrum are gaining ground.

That’s why liberals are acting out like spoiled brats. It’s understandable, but not acceptable. The best way to teach them a lesson is to vote in November, and keep the GOP in control of Congress.