Laura Ingraham: The Mueller probe was not about holding a president accountable, but about destroying Trump

Here are the people who are owed an apology from the Democrats, from the media and from the rabid never-Trumpers.

First, the president himself, Donald Trump. These destructive and defamatory allegations against him were based on erroneous reporting, anonymous sources, leaks and whispers, gossip. But now with the release of the Mueller report, we find that it was all false.

The Trump family is also owed an apology. Attorney General William Barr certainly deserves an apology. All of the members of the mainstream media -- I have no words for their calumny, their lies and their false accusations. Are they really paid enough to say that stuff, guys? And to those who branded the prime time hosts on this network as "state news" for daring to tell the truth -- not just our truth but the truth --  you owe us an apology. No wonder they were so angry on Thursday.


Finally, the American people are owed an apology. Your precious tax dollars were spent and the country's focus diverted to investigate a president who was nnocent from the outset, based on a dossier that was fake and that was paid for by the Clinton campaign. Other networks and print media journalists tricked viewers and readers into thinking their president was a Russian stooge. It was all false.This was pure and simple, an effort to undermine the results of a presidential election and manipulate public opinion.

Every effort should be made to investigate the origins and motivations of this Mueller investigation. Here are my takeaways from the Mueller report and a few things that you need to keep in mind.

No. 1: The president and his team went above and beyond in their transparency in dealing with the special counsel's office. This openness in and of itself cuts against any suggestions you might be hearing on the other cable channels about obstruction of justice.


My friends, if Trump wanted to obstruct justice, he wouldn't have waived executive privilege. Now if you don't know what that is, it's a doctrine which would have shielded much of the president's internal communications from investigators and from the public --- but he didn't do that.

In fact, I would argue -- remember, I was a former criminal defense lawyer myself, clerk of the court -- I would argue that the president's team may have gone overboard in giving Mueller too much information. But anyway, this demonstrates the president's supreme confidence in his own innocence from the very beginning.

Trump had nothing to hide. And by the way, the transparency even extended to the release of the report itself. Remember, the American people are getting much more that is required by law. And Bill Barr, he didn't have to do the synopsis of the report; he didn't have to answer press questions. He didn't even have to release the report to the public or to Congress. His only obligation was to report his findings to Congress. That's it.


No. 2: The media coverage of this Russian collusion coordination conspiracy story was an epic failure from beginning to well, right about now. Now, remember the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016? The media reports were all false.

It turns out that Mueller found there was no evidence that President Trump had any advance knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting or was involved in it anyway. Now, they also did not find, by the way, that Donald Trump Jr. or any participants in the meeting violated any law.

Instead, the report said, "the government does not have strong evidence of surreptitious behavior or efforts at concealment at the term of the June 9th meeting." Well, the story turned out to be a complete and total farce and dud.

Democrats plan to relitigate the entire drama, one way or another. They're going to try to do it from now until 2020. But what they should be investigating is how this farce began and who was responsible, what their motives were

And then there's, Carter Page, who worked for the Trump campaign as a foreign policy adviser -- at least his name was on an advisory list for eight months.The FBI though got a FISA warrant to surveil Page, citing that fake dossier funded by Trump's opponent.

But in the end, Mueller writes on Page 95 that his team did not establish that Page coordinated with the Russian government in its efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. Remember, there were four FISA warrants, all of them incomplete. Another abuse of power by the Obama FBI and the rest of the Deep State.

No. 3: For all of that, the Mueller report is really kind of just an invitation, when you read it, especially toward the end, for the House of Representatives to run the ball to the impeachment goal line. The resistant media and some left-wing bibs are now hanging their impeachment hopes, now that there is no collusion, on the fact that Mueller did not specifically exonerate Trump on obstruction of justice.

After the Mueller report's release, they were grasping at more straws and making a lot of Trump's reaction to the appointment of the special counsel when he said," Oh my God, this is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I'm f-----." The press claimed that was the reaction of a guilty man.

But when Trump said it was the end of his presidency, it was because he believed he was a man unfairly accused. And rightly, he was enraged over the fact that his entire agenda would be stymied and his presidency mired in years of investigation. He understood that from the very beginning. I don't blame him for being that mad. It certainly isn't any evidence of an intent to obstruct. Anyone who says differently should either have his law license revoked or frankly not be commenting on these matters on television. Go do something else.

But the left is sitting and claiming that Mueller's findings convict Trump of obstruction, even though Mueller stated that he could not draw such a conclusion. Here's what he says on Page 8 of Volume 2: "Unlike cases in which is a subject engages in obstruction of justice to cover up a crime, the evidence we obtained did not establish that the president was involved in an underlying crime related to Russian election interference. Although the obstruction statutes do not require proof of such a crime, the absence of the that evidence affects the analysis of the President's intent and requires consideration of other possible motives for his conduct, judgments about the nature of the President's motives during each phase would be informed by the totality of the evidence."

And Barr and the legal team at DOJ did examine the totality of evidence and even used Mueller's legal framework to analyze his findings on obstruction. After two years and $30 million in taxpayer money, the Democrats will not accept the Justice Department's findings, nor Barr's findings.

And they plan to relitigate the entire drama, one way or another. They're going to try to do it from now until 2020. But what they should be investigating is how this farce began and who was responsible, what their motives were. The surveillance of innocent Americans. The deception in the FISA court applications.The illegal leaking of government documents and information.

The entire Mueller probe was never about holding a president accountable. The purpose was to destroy Trump and his agenda in order to regain political power.

Adapted from Laura Ingraham's monologue from "The Ingraham Angle" on April 18, 2019,