Americans will be voting earlier than ever in this year’s election.

Twenty-three states will be sending out mail-in ballots by Sept. 19 and polling suggests a near majority of Americans plan to submit their vote as soon as possible. Say goodbye to the October surprise, Election Day is effectively here.


As voters assess what Congress did for them over the last two years, the record of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic Party majority is abysmal. Among their most serious derelictions:

  • They orchestrated the most baseless, rushed and partisan impeachment in U.S. history.
  • They support defunding the police, defunding border patrol and shrinking our military budget.  
  • They obstructed financial relief for the American people throughout the pandemic, demanding passage of an unrelated liberal wish list instead.

It was this time two years ago Democrats promised their majority would serve with “a responsibility to seek common ground.” They did just the opposite.

Americans are fed up with politicians who say one thing and then do another. Instead of empty rhetoric, they deserve results.

We are announcing our Commitment to America with three specific objectives: restore our way of life, rebuild the greatest economy in history, and renew the American dream. 

Republicans believe our constituents have a right to know exactly what we will do if given the privilege to lead the House of Representatives, and we have a responsibility to tell them.

That is why we are announcing our Commitment to America with three specific objectives: restore our way of life, rebuild the greatest economy in history, and renew the American dream.

Without question, we must and we will defeat COVID-19 and keep America healthy.

To restore our way of life, we will work to triple rapid testing nationwide, deliver a vaccine that is safe, effective, and available by the end of the year, protect individuals with pre-existing conditions, and invest in therapeutics while lowering drug prices across the board.

Compounding the national challenge caused by the pandemic are the job losses and small-business closures it has brought on across our nation.

To rebuild our economy, we will commit to get America working again and add 10 million new jobs through proven, pro-growth policies. That starts with $200 billion in forgivable loans to local businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program. This program, which I call our Marshall Plan for Main Street, has already saved 51 million jobs and can still save more. Democrats’ continued refusal to pass more relief over politics will only take our economy backward.

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Beyond supporting existing businesses – which helped create the greatest economy in a generation before the pandemic – we will continue to bolster America’s poorest communities by making permanent Opportunity Zone credits, which generate $10 billion in economic growth each year.

But perhaps there is no more urgent post-pandemic undertaking than ending our dependence on China. This virus has exposed countless vulnerabilities, particularly China’s control of critical supply chains for medicines, protective medical equipment, and technology. That must end now.

Following the recommendations of the China Task Force that House Republicans established last spring, we will increase U.S. manufacturing and build supply chain resiliency through full expensing on a permanent basis for all U.S. investment and restoration of domestic production tax credits. While Democrats ignore the threat from China, Republicans will take it head on.


With restored health and a plan for prosperity, Americans will look to resume the regular rhythm of our lives. But many communities will still be gripped by unrest that continues to lead to violence. Without respect for public safety, all the pro-growth policies in the world won’t put America back on her feet.

We must ensure the security and safety of all communities. That means improving our police forces, not defunding them. We will increase funding for law enforcement by $1.75 billion for better police training, community policing, and equipment, including 500,000 more body cameras on the streets.

Finally, Americans will need to close the education gap caused by remote learning. Unfortunately, even when in-person classes resume across the country, too many children will still be trapped in a failing education system that doesn’t prioritize the needs of students.

To renew the American Dream, we will ensure every child in every neighborhood can go to the school that is best for them, while directing millions towards high-quality STEM education to prepare our kids for the jobs of tomorrow.

At the same time, we will promote opportunities for career and technical education and workforce development for any American looking to earn a promotion or pursue a meaningful new career, especially our nation’s veterans.

In the present crisis, Americans are making great sacrifices, and they expect their representatives in Washington to match their dedication.

We’ve worked with President Trump to build the greatest economy in a generation and we are prepared to do it again.

Meanwhile, Congressional Democrats spent two years pursuing baseless investigations instead of working to improve the lives of our fellow citizens.


We reject such a small vision for our country. While some on the other side have all but given up on America, we make a Commitment to America.

Together, we can overcome the challenges that confront us today and build a stronger, more prosperous nation for the future.