In contest of perverts, West Coast wins

Conan O’Brien has declared San Diego Mayor Bob Filner the winner of his East Coast, West Coast Perv-Off competition.

Filner grossed out Anthony Weiner for top spot, thanks to the 16 women accusing him of creepy come-ons, including a great-grandmother. Filner gives late-night comics endless material as more women emerge, including one who said the mayor suggested he could perform “for eight hours straight.”

O’Brien summed up San Diego’s top dog this way: “Mayor Bob Filner left his sexual-harassment rehab program a week early. He said, ‘I’m mostly cured. Now I only grab one boob.’ ”

Weiner, as far as we know, is interested only in grabbing himself. But he can’t seem to stop, so he ought to get extra points for that.

And New York isn’t defined by just one perv. We’re a diverse city, a fact O’Brien didn’t appreciate when he limited our entry to Carlos Danger.

He should have included Client No. 9, a k a Eliot Spitzer, who certainly spices up Gotham’s political scene. And what about Vito Lopez, who was so pervy, he got kicked out of Albany? It’s not easy to be top pariah there.

By the way, Filner, Weiner, Spitzer and Lopez are all Democrats. Meanwhile, the Republican War on Women . . .

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