Huckabee: America needs a leader, not a loser

A wise man once said: “What do you call a leader with no followers? Just a man out for a walk."

That’s the problem with Washington.

Washington politicians think making a speech on the Senate floor is leadership.

Making a speech is not leadership. Proposing a bill is not leadership. Fighting and losing, again and again, is not leadership. It’s nothing but talk.

I’ve heard enough speeches in Washington. We need real leadership to change Washington because Washington is a strip club. The political class dances for the donor class and the working class gets stuck with the tab!

As president I will transform Washington and transfer power back to the people. My plan is simple:

-Term Limits for Congress and judges. Do your service and return home.

-Lifetime ban on lobbying for members of Congress. Going to Washington should not be a career.

-No budget, no pay for the President or Congress. If the President or Congress won’t do their job, they don’t get paid.

-No pay for political campaigning. Resign if you decide to run for an office other than the one you currently hold.

-Require Congress to get their healthcare from the V.A.. No American veteran will ever rot and die again if they're waiting in line alongside a U.S. Senator.

-Abolish the IRS and pass the FairTax. Enough tinkering with the tax code to benefit Washington elites, we need a tax revolution that creates prosperity for all.

-Stop raiding Social Security. Washington has done enough lying and stealing. It's your money, not the government's.

-End the Department of Education. Education is a family function, not a federal one. Kill Common Core and restore common sense.

-Pass a balanced budget amendment. I did it for 10 years as governor despite facing the Clinton machine and most Democrat legislature in America. Why can’t Washington?

America needs a leader who fights and wins, not a loser.

That’s exactly what I did as governor.

I repeatedly defeated the Clinton machine and put corrupt career politicians in jail.  I cut taxes, balanced the budget ten years straight, and raised average family income 50%. I defended life, marriage and religious liberty.   I got the job done, despite facing the most Democrat legislature in the country.

That’s leadership, and that’s what’s missing in Washington.

I refuse to walk my grandkids through the charred remains of a once great country.

Instead of burning this country to the ground, let’s burn down the corrupt Washington political machine and rebuild America before it’s too late.