Happy white males

Former President Bill Clinton said in an interview days ago, “Donald Trump doesn’t know much. But one thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”

Thank you former President Bill Clinton for the endorsement of my book, “Angry White Male.” After his wife Hillary’s devastating loss, I guess Bill had a lot of spare time on his hands for book reading.

Bravo Mr. Clinton. You finally got it right. It took you a while. First you blamed the FBI for your wife’s defeat. Then Russia. Then the electoral college. But you’ve finally come to the right conclusion. It was in fact your Democrat Party’s inability to appeal to angry white males that cost your wife the election.

Yes, angry white males won it for President-elect Donald J. Trump. Trump won white males by 32 points nationwide (63% to 31%). 

But Trump didn’t just win white males. He won a resounding victory among white people of all kinds. Trump beat Clinton among white women 53 percent to 43 percent. Among white voters without a college degree, Trump beat Clinton by a remarkable 72 percent to 23 percent. Trump won among white, non-college women 62 to 34 percent and white college-educated men, 54 to 39 percent. Income didn’t even matter either- Trump beat Clinton among white people of all income ranges.

Yet Bill Clinton just revealed that Democrats learned nothing from their defeat.

Clinton’s comment about “angry white males” sounded bitter and derogatory. Just more disrespect from a leading Democrat. Unlike my book which spoke on behalf of white males and explained why we’re angry, Clinton was clearly insulting white males.

Clinton was insinuating Trump is a dumb white male with no talents, except for getting other white males to vote for him. More sour grapes and vitriol from one of the leaders of a bitter, defeated political party.

But think for a minute about what this kind of thinking really represents.

First, Clinton’s comments were racist. Can you even imagine if I said, “Barack Obama doesn’t know much, except how to get angry black people to vote for him.” Every Democrat and civil rights leader in the country would denounce me as a “racist.” Bill Clinton sees white men as dumb and angry for no reason. He thinks they voted for Trump just because Trump is a man and white. How insulting. How racist.

I’m a white male and I voted for Donald Trump because the policies of Obama and Hillary have wrecked the U.S. economy, killed middle class jobs, skyrocketed the price of healthcare, made it almost impossible to start or run a business, and they’ve spent our country into unimaginable debt and bankruptcy.

Secondly, Democrats should be asking WHY did so many white males and white people abandon the Democrat Party. Instead of making fun of us…or insulting us…or writing us off like we don’t matter…maybe Democrats should try to figure out why we’re angry and craft an agenda that appeals to us, resonates with us, provides solutions to our problems.

Maybe Democrats should come to the realization that if tens of millions of members of one group are angry, maybe there’s actually a legitimate reason.

The truth is the Democrat Party offers not a single reason for any angry white male to vote for them. There’s not a single thing you offer to someone who works for a living. There’s not a single thing you offer to someone who pays taxes into the system. There’s not a single thing you offer to someone who desires no handouts from government. There’s not a single thing you offer to someone who pays for their own health insurance out of their own pocket.

Mr. Clinton, angry white males are angry at the Democrat Party for good reason. Your party left us a long time ago. You wrote us off. You left us for dead. You made us feel invisible. You made us feel like villains, for working hard, for earning an honest living, for achieving prosperity, for paying taxes, for asking for nothing from government.

Yes, we’re angry. Yes, we voted for Donald Trump. This is called  payback.

But the good news is, we're not angry anymore. With President Donald J. Trump in charge, we feel vindicated. The future looks bright. We're going to make America great again- for people of all races, religions and genders.

So, from now on, please refer to us as...