Gutfeld on Twitter bans

So after much outcry, Twitter has reinstated the account of conservative Iraq War veteran Jesse Kelly after he was "permanently" banned for violating the platforms policies.

Which policies? Not sure -- since Twitter really hasn’t said. We do know it wasn't for being anti-semitic because Louis Farrakhan is still welcome.

But look Twitter's a company -- it can toss anyone it wants. If I own a bar, and you’re being a jerk in that bar, you're gone.

The question, here, though, is -- who stays and who goes?

If this guy was kicked off for being a jerk, then let’s kick off all jerks, right? But then, there goes Twitter.

But if the guy actually harassed someone, Twitter should have said so.

So it makes you wonder if Twitter’s treatment is fair. And, would they have changed their minds if Jesse hadn't been on Tucker Monday night.

Now I don't know what Kelly said to get him into hot water. But the trend is larger than any one dude.

It's part of a larger "fink" culture, where group-think monitors, activists, mainstream media websites and social-justice mobsters target dissenters. And this attack typically goes in one direction. Left to right. The right rarely tattles so Twitter thinks they don't matter.

So make a bad joke. Use the wrong pronoun: God help you. You'll get doxed, annoyed at home, fired from Google. Kicked off Twitter.

What's the solution? To paraphrase writer Walter Kirn, as Twitter limits expression: "It's starting to feel like tacit approval to stay."

So maybe it's time to move on -- and start some freedom of our own.

Adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on November 27, 2018.