It's the phrase you hear these days from dopes pretending to be smart: toxic masculinity.

The gist: masculinity is poison.

Forget the great achievements that took great risk on the part of men and even resulted in their deaths. Nope. Men are violent, sex-mad animals.

And so, Brown University offers a course aimed at "unlearning" toxic masculinity. We used to call this basket-weaving 101. If you're willing to give Brown 50K for this crap, you need to 'unlearn' common-sense too. Besides, it makes no sense -- I mean if men are so toxic, why would you want them detoxing on your campus? My prediction, "unlearning" toxic masculinity will soon be replacing western civ.

After all, there's no question men are more aggressive than women. It's science. And it doesn't hurt to civilize unruly cads -- it's what dads and moms used to do before we decided they sucked. And men do live shorter lives -- just look at me -- but mainly because of the risks taken to attract and protect the people we love.

But if you believe this is about appreciating men, while trimming away the rough parts -- you kid yourself. This is pure class-hatred, based on stereotypes meant to demean a group of people. It's the branding of a gender by angry bitter radicals. It's also sexist.

If you don't believe me -- just create your own class for Brown. Call it "unlearning toxic femininity." How long do you think that'll last?

But then again -- maybe it's in the works already -- designed to focus on those horrible, toxic stay-at-home moms who voted for Trump.

Adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on October 25, 2018.