Grover Norquist: What Trump's tax returns really tell us (sorry Rachel Maddow)

The modern Democratic Party is hoping you care more about Trump’s tax returns than your own.

Ever since the dust settled on the November 8, 2016 election and America saw a Republican President, House and Senate, 33 GOP governors, 25 states with both a GOP governor and legislature and 67 of 99 state legislative bodies run by Republicans, the Democrats have been looking for the magic wand or secret incantation that could make this all go away.

“Trump’s tax returns.”  Maybe if they say it three times while walking backwards around a cemetery drinking goat blood the world will be restored on its axis.

Tuesday night Rachel Maddow invited America to what she promised would be that exorcism. She had, she claimed, two pages of Donald Trump’s tax returns from 2005. Yes, two pages. Yes, 12 years ago.


Donald Trump reportedly earned $153 million and paid $36.5 million in taxes in the year 2005. After months of breathlessly suggesting that Trump did not actually pay any taxes at all it turns out that the percentage of his income that he paid was just about what someone in his tax bracket would be expected to pay—and two and a half times more than the average taxpayer.

One notes that polling has consistently showed that the vast majority of Americans believe no American now matter how rich should pay more than 25 percent of their income in total taxes. The 25 percent tax paid by Trump was his federal tax alone. Doesn’t count property taxes, sales taxes, state and local taxes.

Newsflash: Trump paid his taxes and more. Rachel Maddow’s exploration of Al Capone’s vault exploded in her face and the world moves forward.

This brings us to the real story of 2016: Trump ran promising to reduce the tax burden on Americans and American businesses that create jobs.

The outline of his program is public. First, ObamaCare’s trillion dollars in new or higher taxes will be repealed. Obama lied his way into office claiming he would never raise any form of tax on any middle income American. The Trump/GOP repeal bill will abolish these taxes, providing much needed relief to tens of millions of middle income families.

Next, Trump will move to comprehensive, pro-growth tax reform. Individual rates will move from seven different rates to three rates: 33%, 25% and 12%. The Death Tax will be repealed. Business taxes will fall from 35 percent to 20 percent or lower -- closer to the worldwide average -- making America more competitive. And job-creating investment will be immediately expensed -- which reduces the cost of new investment and will turbo charge growth.

Taxes are too high on all Americans. Trump and the Republican congress are committed to lowering taxes and driving economic growth.

Repeating “Trump’s tax returns” did not turn back the clock or stop the movement towards tax reform and abolishing ObamaCare’s tax hikes on the American people.