Gretchen's Take: Who would Obama's 2012 voters choose now?

I know it's early to be laser-focused on presidential polls and what they say about the upcoming race, but a couple nuggets jumped out at me in the recent ABC News/Washington Post poll. First, I did not know there are more registerd Republicans than Democrats. Check out what happens when Trump and Hillary go head to head.

Hillary Clinton's six point lead, 48 to 42 percent over Trump among all adults, switches to a win for Trump at 46 to 44 percent among registered voters.

But, it was the change amongst certain groups from March to May that really caught my eye. Let's start with Millenials, a group much talked about as almost always voting for Democrats.

In March, Trump was getting clobbered by Clinton 64 to 25 percent among young people between the ages of 18 to 29, but in May, Trump has gone up 17 points to almost tie Clinton 45 to 42 percent.

Now, here's a question for the people who voted for Barack Obama in 2012: Who would they pick now?

Seventy-six percent of Obama voters say they'll still choose Hillary Clinton, but 15 percent say they'll go with Trump, while only six percent of former Romney voters will change parties to go with Secretary Clinton.

That's a seven point advantage to Trump, and, in what could be a very close election, seven points could make all the difference.