Gretchen's Take: U.S. Women's soccer win shows us life is about winners and losers

The United States women's soccer team accomplished something amazing last night - defeating Japan to win the World Cup.

My kids -- age 10 and 12 -- were glued to the TV -- all the way to the end of the awards' ceremony and not a moment before to go to bed. They wanted to not only see the game -- but the end result of the team being honored for such a great accomplishment too.

In an era where every kid now gets a trophy ... win or lose ... it was an extremely poignant moment for parents to share with their children last night about what it means to work hard and succeed -- with pitfalls along the way. Not everyone is supposed to get the same size trophy in life. Life is about winners and losers.

As veteran player Abby Wambach said so eloquently: "If you have a dream and you want something so bad you got to risk everything. Risk being completely devastated. you gotta get back up."

Yep. That's life -- a lesson I hope every kid saw last night. If you work hard and persevere, you will sometimes fail and you will sometimes succeed -- and that is called the real world.