Gretchen's Take: NH polls should worry both parties

Not surprising that Hillary Clinton was on Saturday Night Live. It's a great venue for reaching people and showing another side of personality.

Other presidential candidates will also get their shot. But will others also get a full 'Today Show' dedicated to them like Hillary Clinton did this morning with a New Hampshire town hall?

NBC says they've also asked Trump to do a town hall -- but the Clinton one seems like a package deal created by NBC and Clinton's campaign to try to boost her image as more likable. and the latest polls out of New Hampshire Show why Clinton would want the extra push:

While Clinton leads Trump in the granite state 48 to 45 percent, she's behind Jeb Bush 49 to 42 percent and behind Fiorina by an even wider margin -- 50 to 42.

As for bernie sanders? he does even better in head to head match ups: Over Trump 52 to 42 -- and Fiorina 47 to 45 percent and tied against Jeb Bush 46 even.

These results must have Democrats worried about Hillary Clinton but also Republicans since none of the current GOP candidates are handily beating a self proclaimed socialist.