Gretchen's Take: Miss Universe needs to change its policies

There’s a lot to be said about the Steve Harvey mess up at Miss Universe and whose fault it might be and who feels the most bad. As a former Miss America winner, I can’t imagine what it would have felt like to work as hard as I did to get on stage, and then have the host not get it right.

Some people have said the font on the final card was too small to read.

Some have said the teleprompter showed Miss Colombia as the winner. Some have said Steve Harvey didn't come to all of the rehearsals and wasn’t prepared. Some have even said it was a publicity stunt for ratings.

I actually don't think any of that matters because what's done is done. The only things we know for sure are that Miss Colombia will never be able to forget what it felt like to have the crown on her head and then have it taken all away and Miss Philippines will never be able to experience what it truly feels like to win.

It’s impossible to get that exact moment in time back. Miss America has protocols in place to ensure something like this never happens. Let's hope Miss Universe does now too.