Gretchen's Take: Faith has nothing to do with politics

During Bill O'Reilly's interview with the parents of Kate Steinle, the young woman murdered by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco, I was struck by the grieving parents mentioning Kate's faith and their own as a guiding force in the face of tragedy. How having something to hold onto when their only daughter had been taken away so needlessly was so important.

This message was fitting to the op-ed I just wrote about faith at -- being real about my faith as one of the main themes in my book "Getting Real" -- and not being afraid to say -- faith has also been a guiding force in my life.

I'm thankful for the foundation my minister grandfather gave me, along with teaching me also to whom much is given much is expected -- so always give back ... and maybe most importantly -- that believing has nothing to do with politics.

My grandfather never preached politics from the pulpit -- teaching me that people with differing political opinions can still get along -- imagine that.

Nothing will bring back Kate Steinle, but her family's faith will help them get through the pain of losing her.