Gretchen's Take: Bloomberg sees a huge opening

There's no way former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg would be thinking about an independent presidential bid without these two things: a serious Donald Trump campaign and a wounded Hillary Clinton. Oh, and let's not forget a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist sky-rocketing from total irrelevance to a huge win in New Hampshire, and God knows where else moving forward. Bloomberg sees a huge opening, with his centrist views -- more conservative financially -- more liberal on things like gun control -- potentially reaching a huge swath of American’s who find themselves similarly straddling the fence.

So here's what I wanted to know, which candidate would Bloomberg potentially help or hurt? According to a recent poll -- here's what it would look like.

Going up against Sanders and Trump -- Bloomberg only gets 15-percent, Sanders 35-percent, with Trump coming out on top at 36-percent.

So what about with Ted Cruz? Bloomberg still stands at 15-percent, Cruz comes in at 36-percent, and this time sanders wins at 37-percent.

Of course, that's before Bloomberg’s spent one dime. and with a billion of his own money to spend, who knows what the eventual shake up would be.