Gretchen's Take: Biggest winner of GOP debate was America

A total of 16% of United States homes with TV sets tuned in last night for the first GOP presidential debate.

That's huge. The highest-rated Republican primary debates in 2011 and 2012 -- were only watched by approximately 5% of households.

Of course, Donald Trump may have fueled some of the spike in viewership.

But aside from that, I'm hoping it will be a trend of what's to come as we move closer to the 2016 race. Americans need to be involved and educated about their Presidential choices in order to make a good voting decision. And last night was just the beginning.

Who you thought won each of the debates may not be at all who your neighbor thought or even your own spouse or mother. But that's what makes the political process so fascinating and just that -- a process.

We have 14 months until we decide who our next President will be -- but with so many people watching last night -- the biggest winner to me -- was America.

Let's hope the trend of wanting to be involved continues.