Gretchen's Take: Are we really all that safe?

Do we have people in the FBI and the United States government looking into all of these kinds of cyber threats in the air? We've just heard from our guest that if you can connect to the internet .. a hacker can do the same thing. A member of the house transportation and infrastructure committe has already laid out the worst case scenario: A terrorist with a laptop sitting among passengers and taking control of the airplane using the passenger wifi system.

Think about that the next time you're asked to take off your shoes and not carry any liquids through airport security.  We certainly aren't going to be stopping people from carrying on laptops. This week we also have a man land a gyro-copter a few hundred feet from the capitol steps in Washington DC. And a few months ago a man was able to climb right over the White House fence and make it all the way inside. So today I ask the question ... How safe are we really?  And with all the money that's gone into the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security ... Are we really all that safe?