Gretchen's Take: An anti-establishment trend like no other?

I'm fascinated by the presidential poll numbers that we're seeing right now.

The big question of course is whether or not they're the real deal -- or just a snapshot in time. Sometimes you can actually glean more information about what Americans are really thinking by looking at the myriad of questions stuffed inside of the polling -- more specific questions other than just "Who do you like?"

For example, in this new CNN/ORC poll, look whose out on top on specific issues:

When asked who do you trust more than other other Republican candidate on illegal immigration? 44 percent say they trust Trump up 30 points since june.
When asked which candidate do you trust more than any other Republican candidate on the economy? 45 percent said Trump. up 25 points since June.
And when asked who do you trust more than any other republican candidate regarding ISIS -- respondents said trump at 32 percent.

No other candidate even comes close to Trump on any of these issues. Whether or not he can maintain this kind of lead over the next several months remains unclear -- but one thing's for sure-- this could be an anti establishment trend like never before.