Gretchen's Take: 2016 election playing out like a TV drama

It was fun to dip into the world of dramatic TV and have "The Real Story" take part in the new season of "House of Cards".

Yes, we used our real set, our real Fox News contributors, Monica and Juan, and the moderator was me, the real Gretchen. Of course who we were talking about was fictional, President Frank Underwood and his wife, Claire.

However it's still interesting timing! The story lines in our real life election cycle this time around -- more than any other I can ever recall -- seem sometimes too bizarre to really be true as well.

Most people thought Hillary Clinton would be the automatic Democratic nominee and said Bernie who, and of course most political pundits poo pooed Donald Trump as a serious GOP candidate.

Just like ‘House of Cards’ storylines grabbing tons of viewers, so too has the 2016 presidential race. The only difference is if you've binge-watched all of the ‘House of Cards’ episodes you know how this season turns out, but the real political battle? Ah, for that, the suspense continues.