Goodwin: Now Sanders is 'feeling the Bern' from Hillary and her henchmen

Now it’s Bernie Sanders’ turn to feel the burn. Unfortunately, the heat is coming from the Clinton Mafia.

The Democratic National Committee, top members of Congress and their media handmaidens are turning on the formerly adorable, 74-year-old senator with rabid ferocity. His sin: refusing to concede to St. Hillary. Off with his head!

For his impudence, Sanders and his backers stand accused of fomenting violence and using intimidation tactics, of being rude and sexist and of sabotaging Clinton.

In short, they are being treated as if they are Republicans or other infidels.

The New York Times, having failed to kill Donald Trump with a hit piece on how he treated women 30 years ago, turned its Hillary Protection Squad loose on her fellow Democrat. “Sanders is Urged to Quell Threats By His Followers,” screamed a Wednesday front-page headline.

When Sanders didn’t respond with bended-knee deference, the Times used a bigger cannon the next day. “Sanders Willing to Harm Clinton in Homestretch,” it declared matter-of-factly on Thursday’s front page.

The attacks are as ridiculous as the irony is delicious. Trump is quietly pulling together major elements of the fractured GOP, while Dems are noisily growing more bitter and divided.

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