Douglas MacKinnon: What do Democrats have against poor working-Americans?

To all the Democratic politicians tripping over themselves to give away the tax money of hard-working American citizens to illegal immigrants, I have two questions for you: First, have you ever been a poor American citizen? Second, what do you have against poor American citizens?

For many of the liberal Democrats seeking to one-up their fellow “progressives” in this socialist give-away with other people’s money, it’s all and only about getting publicity and eventually votes for themselves. The illegal immigrants they pretend to help, merely playing the part of disposable pawns.

Sadly, and often quite tragically, poor American citizens are even more disposable to these Democrats.


Charity should begin at home but is a foreign concept to those creating a false – and crushingly expensive – narrative for their own means.

What is also “foreign” to these far-left politicians, is the cash pipeline they created which now pours billions into Mexico and Central America – as either money saved, or money sent home – to help prop up those countries while benefitting certain corrupt politicians and drug cartels in the process.

A potentially unintended consequence further hurting the legal and taxpaying citizens of the United States.

President Trump has rightfully stressed on a number of occasions that the United States loses multiple billions per year footing the various costs for illegal immigrants. Quite predictably, much of the mainstream media who act as the stenographers for the far-left, instantly attack the president anytime he does dare to make such a claim or try to protect the American-taxpayer.

The president is not only entirely correct but is in reality, speaking out especially in the defense of poor Americans who ultimately pay the highest price for these liberal giveaways as much of the costs are filtered down to state and local governments.

And because President Trump has taken up permanent residence in the minds of so many of these liberals and forever twisted their judgment, they now blurt out insane policies at regular intervals as a twisted way to show the president “Who’s the boss.”

That’s a great strategy if you want to say, bankrupt your state and punish your very own legal citizens.

Take California for instance. They are proudly carrying the baton for this crazy parade and marching themselves straight off a cliff.

Purely as a hissy-fit against President Trump, California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his fellow Golden (soon to be tin-foil) State Democrats agreed to become the first state in the union to pay for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to have full health benefits.

Worse than insane, it’s a slap in the face of every poor legal citizen of the state as well as every jurisdiction there already collapsing from the weight of caring for the almost three million illegal immigrants and counting.

There is no doubt, that many of these illegal immigrants are going through very tough times and should and do illicit our sympathy.

But again, shouldn’t our charity begin at home? What about the hundreds of thousands of poor legal citizens in California and the millions across the rest of our nation? Isn’t their desperate plight even more worthy of our sympathy?

What did these poor American citizens ever do to these liberal and far-left politicians to be forsaken in such a way?

Wouldn’t the ultimate act of charity for all concerned be to take a fraction of the billions spent every year in tax dollars on illegal aliens and use it to build a real wall on our southern border?

A wall that would force Mexico and the countries of Central America to take care of their own citizens.  A wall which would help deny corrupt politicians and drug cartels of much-needed money. A wall that would pour billions of dollars back into the U.S. Treasury. A wall that would help protect us from terrorists trying day and night to infiltrate our country. A wall that would allow us to decide who has the right -- or honest need -- to enter our nation…legally.

A wall that would ultimately benefit the poorest of our citizens by expanding their job market, decreasing drugs in their neighborhoods, and increasing security for them and their children.


If the Democrats ever snap out of their Trump-induced hate long enough to realize they are truly hurting working-class Americans, they might want to look into this plan.

It’s called compassionate patriotism.