Donald Trump, Jr.: My Father's First 100 Days

One hundred days ago, when my father stood in front of the American people and took the oath of office, an American resurgence began.

After eight years of endless talk and speeches, sluggish growth at home and weakness abroad, a sense of optimism and opportunity is taking hold. In the first one hundred days of my father’s presidency, the country is witnessing something I’ve been lucky enough to experience firsthand my entire life—a man of action, who keeps his promises and gets results.

This is the good news story of my father’s administration that the mainstream news media won’t report because they don’t understand it. My father is not a creature of Washington and he’s not going to do things the way they’ve always been done. He rejects business as usual because his number one priority is to make this country great again by bringing jobs, prosperity, opportunity and security back to the United States.

The first one hundred days have restored confidence in the American economy. The stock market is up, unemployment is going down, and across the board, economic indicators are showing optimism for the future and predicting growth across sectors. My father’s focus on American jobs and manufacturing has led to major announcements from companies like GM, Boeing, Carrier, and T-Mobile, all announcing they will keep jobs here and expand employment in the U.S.

Through an aggressive push using 28 Executive Orders and the 13 Congressional Review Act bills -- a record breaking number since the CRA became law -- Obama-era regulations with a $10 billion chokehold on our economy have been wiped out, easing the burden on small businesses and opening opportunities for job growth. He acted quickly to freeze regulations, and announced that for every new regulation, two regulations would have to be removed.

My father has already signed 28 bills into law, on important issues that promote women in STEM fields, increasing government transparency, and reducing the government’s massive regulatory reach. Regulations that would crush family farms, shudder power plants, and raise the cost of electricity for families have all been stopped. The Wall Street Journal has noted that as president, my father is “rolling back more regulations than any president in history.”

This President is taking common sense actions that benefit the American people. The appointment of the eminently qualified Justice Neil Gorsuch ensures a conservative voice on our Supreme Court, restricting judicial activism. A restored focus on the rule of law has already resulted in a substantial drop in illegal border crossings, improving the security at our borders. He is lifting the restrictions on American energy, finally approving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline; addressing bad trade deals to make them work for Americans; and signing executive orders that takes on steel and aluminum dumping. He is working to slash taxes to jumpstart the economy, and provide relief for the millions of American families getting crushed by increasing ObamaCare premiums. The Trump Administration is working every day to take power away from big government and faceless bureaucrats in Washington and give it back to the American people.

My father’s leadership doesn’t end at America’s shores. Both our allies and our enemies are remembering what American resolve looks like. We know from the last Administration, when you draw red lines and then do nothing when they’re crossed, adversaries on the global stage will fill the void, undermining the United States and our allies. That’s what leading from behind got us, but that is all over now.

As Commander in Chief, my father took decisive action against Syrian President Bashar al Assad after he turned chemical weapons against his own people. America is confronting ISIS everywhere from the caves of Afghanistan to the city of Mosul. And the United States is finally dealing with the threat of North Korea. President Trump is committed to rebuilding the U.S. military and empowering our commanders to fight our enemies and keep Americans safe.

Hard-working, middle class Americans who spent the last eight years struggling to make ends meet while Washington ignored them finally have a champion in this White House. We’ve had enough of bureaucrats and Washington insiders writing laws and regulations that benefit them and their special interest buddies but put hard working Americans out of work.

The next four years--like the last one hundred days--are going to be about keeping promises to the American people. This President is going to make the government work for all of the people of this country, not just the well-connected insiders. Jobs and prosperity will return to this country, and my father will continue to lead with the strength and conviction that I have seen him live out every day in life and in business. He will never shirk from the tough calls, because he knows how to fix the problems facing this country and ensure a better, stronger more optimistic future for all of us today and for the next generation.