Democrats heckle preacher during opening prayer

Monday night in Philadelphia the Democrats opened their proceedings with a word of prayer -- from a Christian minister. Now that in and of itself was a miracle -- right up there with the water getting turned into wine.

But when the preacher offered a blessing upon Hillary Clinton, all you-know-what broke loose.

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“We have an opportunity, oh God, to give undeniable evidence to our commitment to justice and equality by nominating Hillary Rodham Clinton as our candidate for the highest office in the land, Rev. Cynthia Hale prayed.

They literally heckled the poor lady – booing and jeering right in the middle of her petition to the Almighty. At some point the jeers turned into chants for Bernie Sanders, “Bernie, Bernie…”

To be clear -- they were not chanting the name of Jesus Christ the Savior -- they were chanting the name of Bernie Sanders the socialist.

They turned a moment of quiet meditation and reflection into UFC Fight Night.

Was it too much to assume the Democrats would show a little bit of reverence?

Then again -- I was at their convention in 2012 -- when they not only booed God -- but they tried to vote the Almighty out of their party platform.

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That’s not to say the Democrats are not religious.

I personally observed vendors in Charlotte selling Obama prayer shawls and artwork that depicted the president as Jesus Christ.

In other words, the DNC only had room for one deity – but their King of Kings was not the same one we worshipped on Sunday.

I also recall Charlotte being inundated with heavy thunderstorms not too long after their act of public sacrilege. The same thing happened Monday in Philadelphia.

I'm no theologian -- but it sounds like the Almighty might be trying to send a subtle message to the liberals.

So all you Democrats, listen up!

The next time you guys pray -- bow your heads, close your eyes -- and stop acting like a bunch of godforsaken, no-account heathens who don't have the sense God gave a goose.