Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick: China's Communist Party vs. the world -- we must fight back before it's too late

The current trajectory has China accomplishing its goals in a decade

As an FBI Counterintelligence Special Agent and federal prosecutor, every single crime that I ever solved was accomplished through one method more than any other: Following the money. 

Want a transparent view of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) whole-of-government "soft influence" campaign to take over the world? Follow the money. 

A large chunk of the CCP’s financing comes from intellectual property and trade secrets that they steal from us, literally, on a daily basis. 

As FBI Director Wray has stated: "It’s the people of the United States who are the victims of what amounts to Chinese theft on a scale so massive that it represents one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history." 


It is estimated that the CCP’s theft of American intellectual property currently costs us between $225 billion and $600 billion annually. And that’s only what we’re aware of. 

Another large chunk of the CCP’s financing comes from U.S. businesses and U.S. individuals willingly giving it to them. Unfortunately, countless American and other international companies have gone along with the CCP’s foreign direct investment and joint venture requirements and have signed over their intellectual property, technology, and future profits to access the Chinese market. 

The CCP has used these U.S. resources to steal our military secrets in a deliberate effort to replicate some of the United States’ most critical weapons systems. 

The CCP’s "debt-trap diplomacy" is also acquiring critical infrastructure in other countries through their predatory "Belt and Road" initiative, by building hundreds of billions of dollars in railroads, highways, ports, and shipping lanes, and then taking over critical assets when the borrowing country can (predictably) no longer afford to repay for the infrastructure. 

The CCP’s intentions here are clear: to undermine America both domestically and internationally. 


The PRC is seeking to destabilize U.S. currency through the development of new payment system networks in their attempt to end the world’s reliance on the U.S. dollar. 

Moreover, the CCP has identified the "Five Spheres" of American influence: Academia, Professional Sports, Hollywood, Media and Big Tech platforms. 

The CCP knows that if they can control these Five Spheres, they can change and influence American thinking from within. 

The CCP malignly influences our academic institutions through Confucius Institutes and actively infiltrating our University STEM programs to learn of American academia’s cutting-edge STEM development. 

The CCP malignly influences our professional sports as evidenced through the NBA’s capitulation to the PRC on grave human rights abuses. 

The CCP malignly influences our entertainment industry through Hollywood censorship of films and actively changing any content that is displeasing to the CCP. 

The CCP malignly influences our media outlets through direct and indirect payments to American newspapers to publish pro-Beijing articles and columns. 

The CCP malignly influences our communications platforms through both disinformation campaigns designed to spread Communist Party propaganda while fomenting domestic division. 

And, lest we forget, the CCP uses these resources to bio-engineer a highly contagious, highly deadly virus which, after an accidental leak followed by a criminal cover-up, leads to the death of over 3.5 million souls, costs our global economy over $30 trillion dollars, and causes permanent psychological and emotional damage to our children. 


The CCP’s end goal? First to become the world’s economic superpower, then become the world’s military superpower, then become the world’s currency standard, so they can then spread their communist, authoritarian and totalitarian oppressive system across the globe when the world has zero defense mechanisms left. 

Not only are we allowing them to do this, we’re paying them to do this. 

The solution? Decouple from and isolate the CCP on all fronts. 

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Sanction anyone who financially contributes, directly or indirectly, to their economy. Strip them of their sovereign immunity for the CCP’s role in the coronavirus pandemic. 

Revoke their "Most Favored Nation" status. Remove them from the World Trade Organization. Severely scrutinize and limit their visas. 

Prevent the World Bank from issuing them low-interest loans. Harness and leverage every single international relationship we have to spread the truth of the CCP’s sinister mission, loudly and clearly, across the globe. 

If we do all of this, we can’t lose. If we don’t do all of this, we can’t win. 

The current trajectory has China accomplishing their goals in a decade. Will we stop them? That entirely depends on the American resolve. 

China is banking and betting that we will fail this test. 

Their tactic? Through influencing our "Five Spheres," divide us against ourselves. Turn American on American. Implosion from within.


That’s the only way that the CCP can overtake us. Let’s not allow them to buy our silence, distract us, and turn us against each other. 

Democracy can only die in the dark. We can win this fight.