Biden's mom and dad taught him many things, but not manners—Fox News' Karl Rove, Joe Trippi, Ed Rollins and others review the VP debate

Editor's note: We asked Fox News contributors for their reviews of Thursday night's vice presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan. Here are their thoughts:

Vice President Biden's mom and dad taught him many things--but not manners.

-- Rich Lowry, Editor in Chief, National Review, Fox News contributor

President Obama in his debate with Gov. Romney seemed to be missing in action. Vice President Joe Biden should have been. He was rude, talked non-stop and did nothing to further the discussion in a serious way. He was like a Cheshire cat with his inappropriate smile, and it was like a political speech without anybody else in the dialogue.

Paul Ryan was knowledgeable and tried to have a serious discussion on very important issues. Biden insisted on talking over him.

The next debate Biden should have is with himself. He loves the sound of his own voice and certainly doesn't want to hear any other view points.

This wasn't a debate. It ended up being a monologue with Biden dominating the time, and cutting off Ryan every chance he could.

This ended up like being trapped in a bar next to a know-it-all drunk. Biden wasn't drinking but he reinforced why he only got 1 % of the vote when he ran for president four years ago.

Ryan made a favorable impression. Biden reinforced the impression that he's a blowhard! Ryan helped his ticket. Biden hurt his. And the country lost the opportunity to hear a serious debate about serious issues.

-- Ed Rollins, Fox News contributor, Republican strategist and former Huckabee presidential campaign manager

Vice President Joe Biden was the clear victor in tonight’s debate. He was passionate and substantive. Congressman Paul Ryan was competent at best, no more. Though Ryan proved himself to be the victor on the situation in Libya, he lost out to Biden on Medicare and the economy, two central issues in this election. To be sure, Ryan was not out of his depth, but Biden was able to decisively make the case for the Obama administration’s support for the middle class and came across as the more substantive candidate for vice president.

-- Doug Schoen, former pollster for President Bill Clinton, author, Fox News contributor

I think Biden raises serious questions about his ability to be a heartbeat away from the president.  His inappropriate conduct is glaring and will backfire with the American people. He had no dignity or presidentiality.

-- Dick Morris, Fox News contributor, political commentator, author, "Screwed!"

In the spin room Republicans talked about Biden's teeth and big smile, they didn't talk about the debate. That is because Vice President Biden had a commanding performance over Rep. Ryan.

-- Juan Williams, author,  Fox News political analyst

Thursday night, Vice President Joe Biden channeled the frustration of the American people desperately trying to nail down the details in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's plan for America. From turning Medicare into a voucher system to cutting taxes for millionaires and billionaires to how a Romney/Ryan administration would allegedly handle matters differently with Iran and Syria, Paul Ryan repeatedly failed to provide details for voters to know where the Republican ticket stands and decide how to vote accordingly.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can't keep running as the anything-but-Obama ticket -- and tonight, Joe Biden made clear that he and President Obama will hold the Republican's feet to the fire and make sure the American people get facts, not fiction from the Romney/Ryan campaign.

Joe Biden performed strongly in the debate, but the clear winner was the truth -- which, despite every Republican attempt to suppress it, is finding its way to the light. And the more voters learn the truth about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's agenda, the more voters support President Obama and his specific and proven plan to keep America moving forward.

-- Sally Kohn, Fox News contributor, writer and political commentator

As important as what candidates say is HOW they say it. On substance, I think Paul Ryan and Joe Biden debated to a draw. But on style, Biden lost the debate with his smug, rude, obnoxious, arrogant, and condescending attitude toward Ryan. He was tasked with firing up a dispirited liberal base, and he may have accomplished that. But it likely came with the high cost of turning off independent voters and women, and that could have a real impact in a close race.

-- Monica Crowley, Fox News contributor, author, "What the Bleep Just Happened," radio talk show host

While Thursday's vice presidential debate didn't change the minds of voters in either party, independents and women will only remember Biden's bizarre behavior -- and not in a good way. Vice President Joe Biden lost on style and likely turned off women with his disrespectful, jerky mannerisms. Congressman Paul Ryan was steady and played it safe.

It was a draw on substance. Ryan won on the economy and entitlements. Biden bungled on Libya, but he won on Afghanistan. But as hard as Biden tried to overcompensate for President Obama's poor performance, the memory of his disaster in Denver wasn't repaired in Danville.

-- Andrea Tantaros, co-host, "The Five" and columnist, New York Daily News

Four things to consider in this debate:

Appearance matters. In 1960 those who listened to the Nixon/Kennedy debate on radio largely thought Nixon did better. Those who saw it on TV thought Kennedy did better because Nixon came off sweaty and nervous looking. Tonight we will remember grimacing weird Joe.

What was it about? Joe Biden made good and substantive points but the guy that came across as deep was Paul Ryan.

Who were the remarks aimed at? Biden was focused on reaching Democrats who were down in the dumps after President Obama's dismal appearance at last week's debate. Paul Ryan's comments were aimed at independent voters.

What's this do to the arc of narrative being built by these debates? Why did it take the number two guy to do what the number one guy should have done?

What will matter here is the American people's impression of each in the days ahead. Two interesting things that I noticed that have not been talked about yet are:

1) How Joe Biden denied that administration was told about security concerns in Libya, contradicting the State Department. This raises additional questions as to what did the Obama administration know and when?

2) Joe Biden said he voted against the authorization of the use of force and the  Iraq War Resolution when in fact he voted for both. Both statements will come back to haunt him.

-- Karl Rove, Fox News contributor 

This debate had something for everyone.

Ryan surprised with his grasp of foreign policy, but lagged in other parts. Biden looked confident and in command, but might have come across as condescending at times.

Who won? Hard to say. But it's questionable this debate will have any impact on the outcome of the election.

-Joe Trippi, Former Howard Dean campaign manager and Fox News contributor