America isn't buying into Rielle Hunter's story, but is still fascinated by her

Rielle Hunter may not possess a strong moral compass but she sure understands the power of media promotion. That's evident from her recent appearances on "The View," 
"Piers Morgan Tonight," and ABC's "20/20," while on tour to promote her book.   

Although Ms. Hunter has been emptying the skeletons out of her closet, her book certainly has not been emptying off the book shelves. Only three weeks after she debuted her salacious tell-all book, "What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, And Me," according to her book has not even broken into the top 100 best seller list and is ranked currently at #1,059. Yet, this woman is one of the most searched people on

I don't care if Rielle Hunter has daddy issues or if she had a drug addled past. I don't even care that she is one of the most infamous mistresses of this decade. What I do care about is: why do we care?

Ms. Hunter claimed in a "20/20" interview with Chris Cuomo that her actions were that of a woman in love. In love with what would be the question.

After all, Ms. Hunter hung out at bars known for attracting politicians like John Edwards. Perhaps her love was not specifically for Edwards but rather anyone whose title started with "Senator," who offered her potential money, power and fame.

Rielle Hunter was a nobody until she became an important somebody's mistress; that somebody is now disgraced former US Senator and former Democratic presidential candidate. John Edwards, also Ms. Hunter's baby daddy.

One would think that Ms. Hunter would be ashamed of her extramarital affair with a married man of a cancer stricken wife, and father of four children. Now she wears a scarlet letter with pride. And why shouldn't she? There are no negative consequences for Ms. Hunter.

She connived and manipulated her way into a pretty nice life. She got knocked up; something that can happen without using any form of birth control. Now she has Edwards paying for her and her daughter's lifestyle plus all of the dough she is raking in on her media blitz.

I don't blame Rielle Hunter. I blame our culture. Our culture that is intrigued by train wrecks like reality stars, troubled actors and those who capitalize on their amoral behavior like Ms.Hunter.

We reward poor behavior with the positive validation of attention. If we don't buy her book or talk about her, Rielle Hunter would be powerless. We are the machine that fuels her fame mongering.

Perhaps we can't look away from Ms. Hunter because she makes us feel better about ourselves. Maybe we're not rich or famous yet we never behaved in such a deplorable manner for our lot in life whatever it maybe. Or maybe Ms. Hunter offers us an escape from our mundane routine. The drama that surrounds Ms. Hunter is that of a Lifetime movie except its real. She is not a fictional character nor is her innocent daughter.

Until we can look away from the Rielle Hunter's of the world, I fear behaving badly will be continually rewarded. Could that be happening as book sales show? Or are we all just waiting for the next installment in this sordid saga? As they used to say on TV, stay tuned.