After a terrible week Trump sticks with style over substance in Wisconsin

Having just spent an hour on Sunday evening watching Donald Trump in a town hall setting with Fox's Greta Van Susteren moderating from Madison, Wisconsin, I am left with one impression: I don't want to buy a car from this guy.

I have no idea what the final outcome of this nomination battle will be -- or whether Trump can be elected president of the United States -- but I do know this, he can dance and he's one hell of a salesman.

After having experienced , for him, probably the worst week of this election cycle, I was curious if he would clean up or restate some of his controversial statements on abortion ( 4 different answers in a week), his dismissal of NATO and the United Nations, his comments suggesting Japan and South Korea might need to arm themselves with nuclear weapons  and -- along with Saudi Arabia -- pay the U.S. a lot more money for our services because they are all rich and we are $20 trillion dollars in debt.  Yes, it’s true, the United States is not the policeman of the world or nor should we be. Trump also didn't add any details for his plan to pay off the debt in 8 years by not raising taxes. He didn't restate or make any of it clearer.

It was an hour of performance -- not substance -- and certainly not anything different from what we've heard him say in various debates or in the hundreds of hours he has performed on television.

He's gonna repeal ObamaCare and put in a system of many options (not defined or explained ) that will be better, less expensive and everybody will be covered and everyone will be happy with their coverage.  And no one’s going to die in the streets.

Taxes are going to be lower for everyone but the rich hedge fund guys who aren't paying their fair share. (OK, I agree with him on that one.)

He's going to renegotiate all the bad trade deals starting with the most recent Iran deal. (Again, I agree with that one.) And he’s also going to bring all the jobs home from China and Mexico and any other countries that have stolen our them. Of course, I’m not quite sure how this is going to work because there were no details provided in his answers.

He's going to knock out ISIS, stop airline mergers, fix the college education program because costs are too high and kids are being ripped off.

He's gonna stop the drug epidemic in New Hampshire because they are good people and gave him his first real victory. He did give details on this one.

He going to make one call into Mexico to someone (I assume to Enrique Peña Nieto who is the 57th president of Mexico. He's also the guy to talk to about paying for the $10 billion fence) and tell him to cut off the drugs or else.

If you missed the hour on Sunday night don't worry you because you will see a similar version of the Donald Trump show again and the sound bites will be the same.

Trump has said that one of his heroes is the great heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali who, at the end of his career, invented the "Rope a Dope" to keep from getting hit and to wear out his opponents by evading their punches.

Donald Trump has perfected his own version of "Rope a Dope" -- keep talking and avoid specifics.

Now, about that used car. Don't worry, it will be the greatest and it will be the cheapest and best looking and I will be very happy.

Unfortunately, for Trump on Sunday night while he was "Rope a Doping" in Madison, the Cruz team was kicking his tail in North Dakota and picked up at least 18 of the 25 delegates who are either supporting Cruz or are against Trump.

The long fight for the Republican nomination is a long way from finished and Donald Trump is still marching on.

Cruz is running a great grass root campaign and Trump is running a great marketing effort. He is the product and he is the number one salesman.