2014 Midterms: The Anti-Obama election

Looking at the devastation across the Democrats’ battlefield Tuesday night, it will be hard for Republicans to claim they did something special. Instead, the voters have delivered a blow to Democrats pretty substantially.

The GOP could have said it was on their own merits, but with Rick Scott winning in Florida’s governor’s race against Charlie Crist, Thom Tillis in North Carolina, and Ed Gillespie getting so very close in Virginia, this was more against Barack Obama than for the GOP.

But Republicans should take it and run with it.

This raises a problem for Democrats. The day after George Bush saw the voters slaughter the GOP in 2006, he removed Donald Rumsfeld, acknowledged there had to be changes, and began reaching across the aisle.


Will Barack Obama? Press reports from Washington note that the president and his close advisors are deeply resentful Democrats distanced themselves from him. The president really believes if only the Democrats had defended his policies, they would have won.

When a president believes that, he is not likely to honestly recognize he has been repudiated. If he believes he is right, he is most likely to think he just needs a better class of voters. Should President Obama try to get that better class of voters with amnesty, he will only do more damage to the Democrats.

Democrats will now say 2016 will be fine. But history is against them.

It is exceedingly rare for an incumbent party to win a third Presidential election. More troubling, Democrats in support of big government are going to have to make Barack Obama be the fall guy. They cannot distance themselves from big government.

More than twenty-five of the Senate Democrats who supported ObamaCare have now been driven from office.

Across the nation Tuesday night, Democrats saw massive political casualties. The war on women got trumped by the war on coal and deep anger toward ObamaCare. But if the Democrats try to make this Barack Obama’s defeat, they will see what others are now forced to see. The Democrats’ coalition has always been Barack Obama’s.

Distancing themselves from Obama will just make their fight over his coalition nastier. Embracing Obama will make their 2016 outlook more difficult.