2 weeks in Asia prove Trump is on right track

I just returned from a 2-week speaking tour of Asia. I spoke in front of hundreds of people in 5 countries about “the Trump Phenomenon” and what his election will mean for the world economy. I gave speeches in places such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. What an experience of a lifetime!

First I must comment on the people of Asia. I met wonderful people. I was welcomed with open arms and treated like “friends and family.” This trip was one of the finest experiences of my life. The people I met will be friends for life. Many of my new friends are already making plans to visit me soon in Las Vegas.

This trip was proof positive that people all over the world want the same things as Americans- economic freedom, opportunity, mobility and prosperity. People all over the world crave lower taxes, less welfare and smaller government. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

Most importantly, this trip is proof positive that President Trump is on the right track and Democrats are in big trouble. Remember the movie, “Big Trouble in Little China.” That sums up my experience in Asia. Democrats are in big trouble- all over the world.

The world does not hate Trump. The media is lying. More of their “fake news.” The people I met in Asia love Trump. They love America. They want Trump to succeed. They think he’s a breath of fresh air. They think he’s the most exciting thing to happen to U.S. politics in their lifetimes. They are excited for the possibility of a Trump-like personality to run for president or prime minister of their countries. The people of Asia want their own Trump!

I was shocked to find the people of Asia are glued to the TV and Internet to watch American politics- because of their fascination with Donald Trump. I was shocked to find the people in my audiences knew more about Trump and American politics than many Americans do. They are following Trump’s every word and move from thousands of miles away.

Asian businessmen and women understand America is the key to the global economy. If America succeeds, the world succeeds. If America sneezes, the entire world gets sick. They need us to succeed.

Here comes the important part. Even Asians thousands of miles away agree with President Trump on key issues. And they are turned off by the Democrats.

The audiences for my speeches throughout Asia were about 90% Chinese and 10% Muslim. After my speeches, I spoke to many of the Muslims in attendance to ask about their views of Trump. All of the Muslims I spoke to (not surprisingly) were negative about Trump’s so-called “Muslim travel ban.” They are Muslim. I understand their concerns.

Yet even Muslims in far-away foreign lands think Democrats are badly wrong on the issue of immigration. Despite their negativity towards Trump’s immigration plans as they relate to Muslims, every Muslim I spoke to thought it was bizarre and literally crazy that Democrats in America oppose building the wall, deportations, or stronger immigration laws.

Muslim business leaders said things to me like, “How can anyone disagree with a wall to secure your border? It’s your country. You decide who comes in. Every country decides who comes in.”

I also heard, “How can Democrats oppose deportations of illegal aliens. They came into your country illegally? Why would they get to stay?”

I also heard, “How can people illegally in your country be allowed to collect welfare, food stamps, free education and free healthcare? Your country is crazy. No wonder you’re $20 trillion in debt. America makes no sense.”

Yes, Muslims from outside the USA are concerned with bans or limitations on immigration as it relates to only Muslims. But even they understand that anyone inside America illegally has no rights and should get no sympathy. They desperately want the right to legally immigrate or travel in the USA. But they all- to a man and women- understood that America has every right to secure our borders, limit who comes in and kick out anyone that breaks the law.

They all agreed they want the exact same laws in place to protect their own countries. No one ANYWHERE wants millions of foreigners to illegally flood their country, then demand welfare, food stamps, free healthcare and free education.

None of the Asians or Muslims I met could or would dare support or defend those things. Yet Democrats in America do. Even Muslims outside America think Democrats are insane.

Finally, here is how foreigners see the Democrat Party. I met a 75-year old Chinese business owner who laughed out loud at the Democrat Response to Trump's State of Union. He called the former Kentucky Governor who was chosen to give the response old, lifeless, boring, and remarked "Was he alive? He seemed dead to me. Are you sure he had a pulse?"

When 75-year old Chinese men from Hong Kong laugh at the guy Democrats chose to reply to President Trump...you know Democrats are in big trouble!

Can you imagine? No one in leadership of the Democrat Party realized they couldn’t possibly pick a boring, low-energy, old man to give their response to a great showman and entertainer like Trump.

I also sat with a group of Chinese businessmen watching the State of the Union in Hong Kong. All of them were shocked that many Democrats in Congress, including leaders like Debbie Wasserman and Keith Ellison, didn't stand or clap when the wife of a Navy Seal killed in action was honored. They found this negative reaction by Democrats disgusting and disgraceful.

Given what I saw and heard in 5 Asian countries...

President Trump is on the right track and...

the Democrat Party is in big trouble.