Who can forget 2021?

Fox Nation reveals the most outrageous, tragic and fascinating stories of the year

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2021: The year when New York gave the Luv Gov a shove, a cargo ship halted international trade, and tragedy struck a coastal town in Florida. 

This, and so much more in Fox Nation’s "Who Can Forget 2021," which outlines the most dynamic, outrageous, sickening, celestial, tragic, frustrating, seductive, quizzical and fascinating stories of the year.


Comedian Jimmy Failla dubbed 2021 the year of the "space race," but not the competition between the United States and Russia that dominated much of the 20th century. No, 2021 was the year of the billionaire space race, when Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos all raced to launch civilian missions into space. 

And while a billionaire space race might pique the interest of some, Fox News Radio host Guy Benson said his favorite phrase of 2021 is "former Gov. Andrew Cuomo," referencing the disgraced New York governor who resigned following allegations of sexual harassment. 

In a spectacular fall from grace, the former governor went from winning an Emmy Award for his COVID press conferences to revelations that he undercounted the number of nursing home deaths in his state, issued orders that contributed to the spread of the disease, and allegedly sexually harassed former members of his staff.

Fox News chief meteorologist Janice Dean said the story was personal for her, as her husband’s parents both died from COVID in a New York nursing home. 

On the other side of the globe, the world was united when the cargo ship Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal.  


"It was a disaster, it was a catastrophe, but for some reason, it was still funny," said Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich

The Ever Given blocked hundreds of ships from passing through the Suez Canal, halting millions of dollars of trade per minute. 


And while the world found humor in the state of the Ever Given, many stories from 2021 were tragic, including when a condo building in Florida collapsed, killing nearly 100 people. 

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